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How to Save Download Results To SD Card on Android

Android phone fans! Do you know how to save downloaded files to SD card? If not, AndroidPhone will discuss it! There are some cellphones that can directly download the settings to the SD card, but there are some that require additional applications. Well, below, you can see how, you can adjust it to the cellphone that you are using.

Settings Save the Download Results to the Xiaomi Mobile SD Card

To save the download to the SD card on Xiaomi, you have to follow the steps that will be shared by the AP. Because on Xiaomi cellphones the default storage setting when downloading is to internal memory, so we have to change it to SD Card. Let’s follow each step below.

That’s how to change the downloaded storage to the SD Card for Xiaomi phones. Then what about other Android phones? Calm down, friend, for other types of cellphones, we have prepared how to easily convert the downloads to the SD card.

How to set auto save to sd card on Android

For other types of cellphones, how to change internal memory storage to external memory automatically requires assistance from 3rd party applications. Calm down, friend, this application can be downloaded easily on the Play Store, just prepare the internet quota, okay. For how to change storage to sd card, you can follow the steps below:

  • Here we will use the Advanced Download Manager application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. Buddy, don’t download it wrong. the size is only 3MB only. The link: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dv.adm (copy and paste in your browser or just search on Google Play)
  • After downloading it now my friend open the application and go to options Settings
  • Then go to options download and then select download file folder
  • The last one choose folder icon and select SD Card.

How to download the results to the sd card

How easy isn’t it to change storage to sd card on Android? Hopefully the tips and turials from AndroidPonsel can be useful, yes!

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