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How to Restore a Suspended Twitter Account

Your twitter account has been suspended for reasons you don’t know? And you want the account back? Don’t worry, you can try how to restore a suspended Twitter account which we will review in this article!

Twitter is one of the social media that is liked by people, many of whom are diligent and regularly share stories here.

Some of the reasons people love to share stories on twitter include because on the one hand the appearance of twitter is simple.

This is a plus point for the competitors of Facebook and Instagram, which is why many users continue to survive, even though there is more and more competition from other social media. Of course, with Twitter, we are free to express ourselves in this channel.

The dark side of twitter is also a lot, for example, many adult accounts, divisive accounts, slanderous accounts, and so on are scattered on twitter. Therefore, Twitter continues to check and does not hesitate to suspend accounts suspected of violating policies / guidelines.

Why Twitter Accounts Can Be Suspended?

Well, maybe your suspended account contains elements that are suspected of violating the policy. You need to know, some of the reasons Twitter suspends accounts, including:

  • Spam Account
  • Tweets or behavior that offends others
  • Heavy pornographic content
  • Accounts that insult SARA
  • follow or unfollow hundreds of Twitter accounts in no time.
  • Get reports or complaints from other people
  • Etc.

That’s roughly the reason Twitter can suspend user accounts. But Twitter itself also admits the weakness of its system, sometimes Twitter makes mistakes by suspending it because of spam or getting a report, even though your tweets tend to be good. Yes, the name is also a system, it can make mistakes or errors.

How to Restore a Suspended Twitter Account

Instead of the account being suspended and not being able to keep it open even though we have access and important information there, you can do the following ways to solve it, here are the ways you can follow, which we summarize directly from Twitter:

You may be able to unsuspend your own account. If you log in and see a prompt that asks you to provide phone number or confirm your email address, follow the instructions to unsuspend your account.

Do you see a message that your account is locked? Your account may also be temporarily disabled in response to reports of spam or abuse behavior. For example, you may be prohibited from Tweeting from your account for a certain period of time or you may be asked to verify certain information about yourself before proceeding. Get help to unlock your account .

File an appeal and we may be able to cancel your account suspension. If you are unable to unsuspend your own account using the instructions above and you think we made a mistake in suspending or locking your account, you can appeal. First, sign in to the suspended account. Then, open a new browser tab and file an appeal .

The steps:

  • If you have gone to the form page, you can see there, you can submit an application, please fill it out. We try to give an example like this:

regarding : Suspended Account
Subjects : Account suspended
Description of the problem :
Dear twitter teams, my account is suspended. I apologize if I am wrong in using twitter, but I don’t understand where is my fault, that my account is suspended. I beg you to help me so that my account can be used again. Thank you.
full name : fill in your twitter name. example: Ujang
Username : @yourusernamefriend . example @uchihaujang (don’t forget to use @)
e-mail address: the email that you registered on twitter when you created the account.
Phone numbers: the number of friends who have registered on twitter

  • If so, you can send the message.
  • After you finish sending by pressing Submit, you can wait for a reply.
  • Well usually the reply will come in 1-7 days, my friend can see the reply in the email and usually goes in the Inbox / Spam email.
  • Well later the reply will explain the mistakes that you have made in your twitter account.
  • If you have read and understood clearly, please reply to the email by explaining what actually happened.

Note: you should not reply to Twitter for too long, because it could be that Twitter will think your account is not too important or Twitter thinks you underestimate the warning email from Twitter.

  • If my friend has explained what happened, my friend just send it and please wait for some time. In addition, later if you have recovered, your account will not be fully recovered immediately. But gradually and usually takes about 1-6 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, depending on the twitter.
  • Finished! How to restore a suspended account worked! You can reuse your twitter account, and don’t forget, use it wisely so that something similar doesn’t happen.

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The final word

The above is how to restore a suspended twitter account easily, quickly, and certainly safe. Please follow the steps to make it work! 😊

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