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How to Restore a Hijacked WhatsApp Account

Are you having problems with your Whastaap account or think your account has been hacked? Do not worry! You can follow the steps below to find out how to easily restore a Hijacked WhatsApp account!

WhatsApp is currently able to dominate the communication platform in almost parts of the world. WhatsApp itself has a simple display design, but with features in WA that are very useful, of course this is the reason why WA is popular and very popular among mobile phone users.

With so many features provided by WhatsApp, WhatsApp has become the most popular chat platform in the world. Despite its popularity, WhatsApp has a simple design which users can easily use.

But sometimes there are some problems that are often encountered by WA users. One of them is, Whatsapp which is hacked or hijacked by an unknown person.

Characteristics of WhatsApp Accounts That You Want and Have Been Hijacked

how to restore whatsapp account in hijack
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Well, you need to know carefully, that in some previous cases, WhatsApp features that will be hijacked, usually WhatsApp will send a notification containing a phone number that is not registered in WA.

So the content of the message is something like this:

“Your phone number is no longer registered on WhatsApp on this phone. Maybe because you have registered it on another phone. If you don’t do this, verify your phone number to get back into your account.”

So if a pop up message appears like that, later at the bottom there will be two options, namely “verification” or “ok”. If you choose the “OK” option, your WhatsApp account will automatically switch to a hacker or irresponsible person.

If you choose “verification” then WhatsApp will send you a 6-digit PIN number to SMS. Well, here you can input the number and you can get your account back!

According to the founder of the Indonesian Ethical Hacker community, Teguh Aprianto as reported by Kumparan.com, you must make sure that your device is free from spyware or not, before you log back into your WhatsApp account.

“To realize it or not (there are) spyware), the easiest way is to monitor our daily data usage,” said Teguh.

Teguh explained, the surge in internet usage was caused by upload data automatically from the app spyware on the user’s phone to the server belongs hacker. Buddy can check your internet data usage history via Settings > Data > Data Usage History.

If it turns out that you find there is an unnatural spike in internet data, it’s very likely smartphone Buddy has been embedded spyware. If so, Teguh recommends doing factory reset (factory reset) before logging back into WhatsApp account. The goal is that the application spyware installed on the phone can be deleted first.

How to Restore a Hijacked WhatsApp Account

how to restore whatsapp account in hijack

According to an expert from the cybersecurity firm Vaccines, Alfons Tanujaya, there are three simple steps for you to restore a hijacked account. hacker or irresponsible persons.

“The method is simple. First reinstall WhatsApp. Second, enter your mobile number. Third, when you receive a notification SMS, it is immediately approved to take back your account. The account will automatically return and logout from another device,” Alfons told coil, Wednesday (13/5).

Well, in more detail, here are the steps for your friend to restore your hijacked WhatsApp account, please follow it:

  • First, please open WhatsApp on your cellphone.
  • then you can Login with the registered phone number.
  • make sure the number is active and can be contacted yes! Because the number is to receive verification.
  • Now, if you have, please enter the 6-digit code that WhatsApp sent to SMS to verify the number.
  • Yup, then the person who hijacks or hacks your Whatsapp account will automatically lose access to your account. here, my friend has taken over WhatsApp account access.
  • Please friends, secure your account by activating 2-step verification (2 .)-step authentication).

Tips for Keeping WhatsApp Safe From Us

how to restore whatsapp account in hijack
image by freepik.com

So that your WhatsApp is always safe to use and kept away from hacker attacks or other unwanted things, you can follow the tips we reviewed below:

  • Double lock your cellphone, starting from your PIN, Fingerprint, and so on.
  • Always log out if you run out of using whatsapp web on your computer or laptop.
  • Do not access the web that is not clear.
  • Don’t Install Unofficial and Unclear Applications
  • Ignore if there is an incoming message for verification, if not with the official whatsapp party.
  • If you register for an application, for example Shopee, or whatever, if during verification they send an OTP Code via WhatsApp. Buddy never share OTP with others. Just a friend who should know.
  • Don’t use Whatsapp MOD.

So about the prevention tips like that.

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The final word

Above is how to restore a hijacked whatsapp account and its characteristics and tips to keep your whatsapp account safe. Please, my friends, watch carefully!

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