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How to Restore Files Affected by Ransomware Virus

How to restore files affected by Ransomware Virus – Affected by Malware has indeed been a frightening specter to date. Ransomware itself is a virus that can change the file extension so that it cannot be opened easily. This virus can also disrupt computer activities, so it is very disturbing system performance.

There was a lot of buzz a few years ago about the Wannacry Ransomware virus, this time the virus reappeared and even proliferated. Of course this is very worrying, especially the files on the computer are very important.

According to merdeka.com, Ransomware itself is a type of cyber attack that experienced the greatest growth in 2021, reaching 350 percent year on year. mCountry General Manager Dimension Data, Hendra Lesmana, said cybercriminals usually spread ransomware to target companies.

Now if you are currently exposed to the ransomware virus, it could be because of your negligence or because there are parties who are not happy.

Causes of Affected by Ransomware Virus

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We have summarized some of the causes of the entry of the ransomware virus into your device.

  • There is an attack on the company

As explained earlier, the target for malicious actors for the ransomware virus is the company including its employees. It could be because you are using a device that is connected to the office network system, so it can penetrate your system.

  • Random Emails, Links and Website Clicks

It is undeniable, some viruses also enter due to negligence of users to click on suspicious links. Hendra Lesmana as mCountry General Manager of Dimension Data, in the merdeka.com report suggested that users should consult the security system personnel at the company where they work if they get suspicious emails, links and websites.

  • Not Using Antivirus

Antivirus is indeed a strong shield for devices against dangerous viruses, especially the antivirus has predict, prevent, detect and respond technology. If you don’t have an antivirus, the ransomware virus will easily enter and change the file extension on your device.

Lots of Indonesian people still use pirated Windows OS. Whereas for licensed Windows, security will always be updated by the developer, so the system will most likely be safer than pirated ones (security is not updated)

  • Etc. Actually there are many causes, but generally it happens because of this.

Types of Wannacry Ransomware Virus

You need to know, that there are many types of ransomware viruses, both from several years ago to the present. Especially at this time, the ransomware virus is quite proliferating and has a different type from previous years.

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The types of known ransomware viruses are:

.STOP, .SUSPENDED, .WAITING, .PAUSA, .CONTACTUS, .muslat, .boston, .gerosan, .vesad, .horon, .neras, .truke, .dalle, .lotep, .nusar, .litar, .besub , .cezor, .lokas, godes, .budak, .berosouce, .herad, .gehad, .gusau, .madek, .tocue, .darus, .lapoi, .todar, .dodoc, .bopador, .novasof, .ntuseg , .ndarod, .access, .format, .nelasod, .mogranos, .cosakos, .nvetud, .lotej .kovasoh, prandel, .zatrov, .masok, .brusaf, londec, .krusop, .mtogas, .coharos, . nasoh .nacro, nuksus .vesrato, .masodas, .stare, .cetori, .carote, .shariz, .gero, .hese, .geno, .seto, .peta, .moka, .meds, .kvag, .domn, .karl, .nesa, .boot, .noos, .kuub, .reco, .bora, leto, .nols, .werd, .coot, .derp, .nakw, .meka, .toec, .mosk .lokf .todarius . .DATASTOP, .STOPDATA, .KEYPASS, .WHY, .SAVEfiles, .DATAWAIT, .INFOWAIT, .puma, .pumax, .pumas, .shadow, .djvu, .djvuu, .udjvu, .djvuq, .uudjvus , .djvur, .djvut .pdff, .tro, .tfude, .tfudeq, .tfudet, .rumba, .adobe, .adobee, .blower, .promos, .promoz, .promock, .promoks, .promorad, .promorad , .promorad2, .kroput, .kroput1, .charck, .pulsar1, .klope, .kropun, .charcl, .doples, .luces, .luceq, .chech, .proden, .drum, .tronas, .trosak, . grovas, .grovat, .roland, .refols, .raldug, .etols, .guvara, .browec, .norvas, .moresa, .verasto, .hrosas, .kiratos, .berost, .fedasot, .forasom1,, .recry .fordan, .codnat, codnat1, .bufas, .dotmap, .radman, .shadow, .ferosas, .rectot, .skymap, .mogera, .rezuc, .stone, .lancet, .davda, .poret, .pidon, .heroset, .boston, .myskle, and so on.

Very much isn’t it? This is why ransomware viruses fall into the high-level dangerous category, as they are quite difficult to identify and deal with.

How to Identify and Overcome Ransomware Virus

We will share some tips and tricks for you to follow in identifying and overcoming the ransomware virus that is disturbing your files.

Using Web Ransomware Detector

To identify whether your file is affected by this ransomware virus, you can use a site service that can detect your file just by uploading it. You can visit the site here > https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/index.php?lang=id_ID

if so, you can upload files that are suspected of having a ransomware virus. After that, wait for the identification process, here it will be detected whether the file is safe or not. Here are also suggestions on how to deal with the type of virus detected in your file.

In addition, this site can also deal with files identified as being affected by the ransomware virus. You can try the feature, because the developer claims to be able to overcome both the old and the latest types of ransomware viruses.

Check System Folders

How to deal with files affected by the first ransomware virus, that is, you can try to clean the files contained in the system folder. Why? Please note, that the most likely source of the ransomware virus is here. here’s how to check it:

  • First, you can open your laptop, then press the key combination “Windows” + R.
  • Then the run menu will appear, please write: %temp% , %appdata% , %programdata% , %localAppData% and %WinDir%.
  • These are not typed at the same time, my friend can type one by one. Starting from %temp% to %appdata%. Well, every instruction you have to press enter.
  • Then later will appear various folders and files. Well, my friend, you can just delete everything on %temp%. Because there contains junk files and files are not recognized. For other instructions, my friend can first sort it out to delete it. If there is a suspicious file, you can delete it, it could be ransomware.
  • Now if there are files that cannot be deleted, we can suspect it is a ransomware virus. But my friend can skip it first.
  • If so, please, my friend, press the key combination again “Windows + R”
  • Please type buddy “regedit”, then click button “CTRL + F”
  • So, please search with the keyword “Ransom.CryptXXX” or “WannaCry”, or you can write the type of ransomware virus that we have described above.
  • If there is a file with the same name, please delete the file immediately.

This method is quite successful for some cases of Restoring Files Affected by Ransomware Viruses. You can follow these steps!

Use Ransomware Decryptor Software

If the above method doesn’t work, you can try using the Descryptos Ransomware application. Software decryptor itself is a software that functions to convert files that have been encrypted by ransomware into files that can be read again.

Lots of apps ransomware decryptor sufficient worth it. But in some applications there are differences, for example in some applications decryptor some don’t support ransomware with format .grovas or .grovat, but on some software decryptor others can. Therefore, my friend should try to find out in advance the advantages and disadvantages of these applications.

we recommend software ransomware decryptor which worth it for friends, as for the following:

  • AVG Decryptor
  • Avast Decryptor
  • Emisoft Decryptor (DJVU)
  • Stop Ransomeware Decryptor
  • Kapersky Decryptor
  • Gandcrab Decryptor
  • Emisoft Decryptor (PUMA)

Please try to solve the file extension that was changed by the ransomware virus. To be sure, you can look on the youtube channel about each of the advantages & disadvantages of the application, along with how to use it.

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The final word

How? is it clear enough not about how to restore files affected by the Ransomware Virus? Buddy can see how yes! Good luck!

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