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How to Restore Deleted Contacts on Your Mobile Without an Application

Tips on How to Restore Contacts on Mobile – Mobile phones or cell phones or cell phones are electronic telecommunications devices that have the same basic capabilities as conventional fixed line telephones, but can be carried anywhere (portable, mobile) and do not need to be connected to the telephone network using cables (wireless; wireless). .

Smartphones have a more sophisticated contact menu than previous era phones. Contacts can be given photos/pictures, and can be filled with detailed descriptions making it easier for us to distinguish and classify our relatives’ contacts.

But there is something that irritates us, yes! The contacts of our important relatives have been erased. Whether it’s because we accidentally pressed delete or a system error so the contact can disappear by itself.

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How to Restore Contacts on Mobile Without an Application

Well, don’t worry! To overcome that, we have an easy way how to restore your deleted important contacts without an application!

1. First, Open the browser Google Chrome that is on your cellphone then visit Google Contacts with the address contacts.google.com and login according to the Google account that you use or is associated with on your cellphone.

2. Next click the icon Settings as indicated by the arrow in the image below yes!

Restore contacts on mobile

3. Then select Undo Changes according to the image below.

4. Then here you can restore the condition of your contact list at the desired time period. For example, you deleted a contact 50 minutes ago, then you can choose 1 hour ago so that the condition of your contact list will be returned to the condition 1 hour ago.

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Next click Undo.

5. Tara! Your contact list has been successfullyrestore to the time period you want. So that the deleted contacts are successfully restored.

How? very easy is not it restore contacts on mobile?

With this, you don’t have to worry anymore if your important relative’s contacts are deleted or lost, especially if you contact business relatives, well, it can be a hassle!

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Okay, maybe that’s all our discussion, hopefully it’s useful! Stay Safe and don’t forget to wash your hands to avoid the Covid-19 virus!

Thank you! Greetings!^^

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