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How to Restore a Banned Free Fire Account

Knowing how to restore a banned Free Fire account is very important, just in case one day your FF account experiences this. Even so, you don’t really need to worry about being banned as long as you play honestly.

Banned cases are generally experienced by FF accounts suspected of cheating. Why should there be a ban? Why do you have to be so protective? The answer is clear. A game filled with cheating accounts will gradually be abandoned by its players because they feel uncomfortable with it.

Garena as the developer of Free Fire is very aware of this. That is why they implement a strict security system and easily detect various types of fraud that occur.

Maybe gamers who cheated were not detected in the first place. But clearly, over time, not too long, the fraud will be detected. The consequence of the detection of fraud committed is the account is temporarily or permanently banned.

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If Free Fire Account Banned Even though Playing Honestly?

How to Restore a Banned Free Fire Account

Can conditions like the questions above occur? The answer is yes. After all, Free Fire is just a system that has a predefined workflow. No wonder some FF accounts are banned even though the account owner feels he has never cheated.

Don’t worry, Garena provides a way to restore a banned Free Fire account if the owner is sure that he hasn’t cheated. More specifically, here are the steps you can take:

  • Please access the following url https://help.garena.co.id on the device that you are using. This url is the official website address for Garena Support.
  • Click the email image located in the top right box, which is located under the words ‘Game Assistance’.
  • Then click the ‘Create Ticket’ tab.
  • Fill in the available fields. Fill in all the requested data and information, including explaining the problem that occurred.
  • Next, send your ticket.
  • Just wait for the inspection process to be carried out by Garena.
  • Garena customer service will contact you gamers soon.

If you are sure that you are not cheating at all while playing Free Fire, trust me, your banned account will be returned. But if you’ve ever cheated, it’s likely that the ban is permanent and you have to create a new account and start over if you still want to play Free Fire.

If your account is permanently banned, then how to restore the banned Free Fire account can still be done using a third party, namely an application that allows you to do this.

Currently, there are many applications that can be used, for example Xposed Installer and Xposed Imei Changer, VIRTUALXPOSED, and there are several other applications. For how to use it, you can find information on the internet.

If it turns out that your Free Fire account can return using the help of the application, it’s best if in the future you learn to play honestly and avoid cheating ways to prevent the above incident from happening again.

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