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How to Resize 3x4 Photos Online for Faster

Which of my friends wants to edit photos or the size of a photo for work purposes quickly and without an application? Very fitting! this article is the answer. Here we will tell you how to resize photos to 3×4 size and various other sizes online using the web and applications. Of course this is more efficient and very easy to do. Interested?

For how to make a 3×4 photo size or other size online, just see below. Make sure to read it in detail so that the results are neat and maximized!

  • First, open the browser on your cellphone or it can be on a laptop / PC, for the browser itself you can use anything, Chrome, UC Browser, Safari, and others are free, it’s up to you. After that go to the website page at the link https://picresize.com/
  • If you have entered the page, later the display will be like this (display on mobile)
resize photo 3x4 online
  • Now to be able to put your photo, my friend can click the cloud icon in the middle like the picture above. If so, click the blue button “Continue to edit the image”
  • Later my friend can crop or rotate the photo if it is needed
how to make photo size 3x4 online
  • But if not, my friend scroll or scroll down and select the size option that we have marked the orange box below.
resize photo 3x4
how to resize photo size to 3×4

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  • Later a pop up will appear containing options, so here you can select “Custom Size …” which is at the bottom.
  • If so, fill in the width column with a size of 354, and fill in the height column with 472.
  • If so, scroll down and select “I’m done, rezise my image!” and wait a while.
how to resize photo to 3x4 online
  • To be able to save it to your cellphone, you just need to select the “Save to disk” option or click the disk icon logo. And the photo was saved successfully!
3x4 photo editing online
  • Open your gallery, and you will find a photo that has been edited in size to 3×4.

Easy and very simple, right?

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Actually there are many websites to edit or convert photos into the required sizes, such as 2×3, 3×4, 4×6 and so on. But here we share the easiest and best way in our opinion.

The final word

Maybe that is the easiest way that we can share for friends to edit the photo size to 3×4, 2×3 and 4×6. But if you have another way. Can you recommend or share with us all via the comments column below. OK, good luck, buddy!

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