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How to Reset Printer Canon iP2770 / iP2700

Are you having an error problem with your Cannon printer? and you don’t know how to reset it? Don’t worry, we will review how to reset the Canon iP2770 / iP2700 printer!

Maybe the name Canon is not foreign to your ears when it comes to printing or printing. Canon is indeed a printer product that is very popular and widely used by people. Canon itself is widely used by people because of its good quality plus the price is quite affordable which is said to be not very expensive compared to other printers.

In addition, the results from the prints from Canon printers are also good and neat. But sometimes there are many problems or problems when we have been using the Canon iP2770/iP2700 printer for a long time, usually for old users, errors or problems that appear are written Error 5200 Waste ink Tank Absorber Full or Error 5200 which can prevent us from printing or printing. But don’t worry! Because we will share a way to make it easier for you to reset the canon ip2770/ ip2700 printer to make it easier for you! keep on reading!

How to Reset Printer Canon iP2770 / iP2700

Reset Printer

  • First, please, my friend, you can turn off the printer.
  • If you have, my friend can press and hold the “Resumes”.
  • Well while holding down the “Resume” that you are pressing, you must also press the button Power until the green printer light is on.
  • Then you can release the button “Resumes”. But here my friend still hold down the button “Powers”-his.
  • Then you can press the button “Resume” as much 5 times until later the lights Led The printer will light up alternately with orange, green, and ends with orange.
  • Now you can release all buttons.
  • Later the Led light will blink and then will stop with a green color.
  • Here you have to wait, because your computer is detecting the printer.
  • Yup! now your canon printer is in good condition SERVICE MODE and ready to reset.

How to Download and Use Resetter Canon iP2770/iP2700

  • Here, my friend, please download the Canon Resetter first. You can download it for free here Resetter Canon iP 2770/2700 in full version
  • If you have downloaded it, you can directly install the resetter.
  • Just open the software buddy Resetter Printer Canon IP 2770 the.
  • Then you can click the button “PLAY”, The printer will automatically print with text D=000.0 . Then you can click EEPROM Clear.
  • The printer will print the result of the software reset resetter iP2770, please, my friend, see the text of the reset result that has the words TPAGE(TTL=00000).
  • Finally, my friend can turn off the printer and then turn it back on.
  • Finished! Your Canon printer has been successfully reset.

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The final word

How? Isn’t it easy enough to reset the Canon iP2770 and iP2700 printers? Please friends follow the steps above! ?

Good luck!

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