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How to Report Taxes Online! 100% Fast and Easy

Do you want to report taxes to the tax office directly? Hmm, I guess it’s old! Now is a sophisticated era because an online tax reporting system is available, which is called E-filling! to report annual tax anywhere easily, quickly, and anywhere anytime! Here because we are going to share how to report tax returns and login to djp online, so check it out!

Of course, my friend is wondering, what is E-filling? How does it work? Easy isn’t it? Instead of asking questions in your mind, just go ahead, my friend, see the full article.

What is E-Filing?

You need to know, E-Filing is a system that serves to assist taxpayers in reporting their tax returns (SPT) online. Well, actually this system has been running since 2005, you know, my friend, but its use is not massive / large-scale because at that time E-Filing used the services of an application provider, which was a private company, so it was still paid.

Now in 2012 the government only provided free E-Filing facilities specifically for reporting individual income tax returns 1770S and 1770SS. E-Filing can be accessed directly on the site http://www.pajak.go.id/ or for how to login djp online, you can go through the following link https://djponline.pajak.go.id/account/login Hey buddy! This online tax reporting method is carried out every March with a deadline until the end of March.

So before that, you need to know, what is the difference between SPT 1770, 1770S, and 1770SS?

There are three types of tax return or SPT for personal taxpayers, namely SPT 1770, SPT 1770S, and SPT1770SS. Well, the explanation can be seen below, my friend!

1. tax return 1770

SPT 1770 has the most complex format because it consists of four sheets, namely 1 main SPT and attachments 1770-I, 1770-II, 1770-III, and 1770-IV. This tax return is used if you meet the following criteria:

  • have income from a business or independent work that maintains books or the Net Income Calculation Norm;
  • have income from one or more employers;
  • have income that is subject to final tax or Final Income Tax;
  • and have other income such as gifts, rent, sales, inheritance, and others.

2. SPT 1770S

This type of SPT has 1 main SPT and 2 SPT attachments, namely SPT 1770 SI and 1770 S-II. This SPT is used for those of you who:

  • are employees or retirees of one or more companies;
  • have other domestic income such as royalties, gifts, rent, sales, and others;
  • have income subject to final tax such as interest on deposits, savings, sale of shares on the Stock Exchange, ownership of land and building rights, and others.

3. SPT 1770SS

This is the simplest tax return format and only takes one sheet. This SPT only contains information on the income and debt of the taxpayer in a year without details. This SPT is used by workers who have income not more than IDR 60 million and only works for one employer.

So, do you understand, my friend? Now is the time to discuss how to report using E-filing, curious? Read on!

How to Report Taxes Online With E-Filing

As for what my friend must meet the requirements are

  • EFIN code (Electronic Filing Identification Number)
  • SPT either in sheet or electronic form (submitted via email)
  • And finally, it has been registered with Online Taxes

So, if you are ready, please follow the steps below for the E-Filing process

1. You have to get EFIN first

To be able to fill out E-Filing, you have to get EFIN first. So, if you already have an EFIN and an electronic certificate, you don’t need to ask for a new EFIN.

Notes: electronic certificate is a certificate that contains an electronic signature and the identity of the taxpayer. Electronic certificates are given by the Director General of Taxes to Taxable Entrepreneurs (PKP) as proof of authentication for tax service users, either in the form of a tax application provided by the Director General of Taxes or a Tax Invoice Serial Number request service through the website.

Well, if you haven’t done so, you have to submit an EFIN request to the tax service. How to?

  1. Please download the EFIN activation application form at the following link https://www.pajak.go.id/id/formulir-permohonan-efin
  2. If so, make sure you have the complete requirements below
  3. Original Identity Card (KTP) and photocopy for Indonesian citizens,
  4. Passport and Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS)/ Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP)
  5. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) or certificate of registration as a taxpayer
  6. E-mail
  7. Finally, get and activate EFIN at the nearest tax service office from where you live or at the tax service booth.

How do you create an E-feling account? Well buddy, you have to Create an E-Filing account at DJP Online.

If you have done E-Filing before, you can directly login to https://djponline.pajak.go.id/account/login by filling in your TIN number and password.

If you haven’t registered before, you can follow the steps below!

  1. First, please visit the site at the link https://djponline.pajak.go.id/account/login
  2. If so, my friend select the menu “You are not registered yet? Register here
  3. Then you have to enter the number from the NPWP and EFIN card that you have received, then click “Verification
  4. Well then you will go to a page or menu that shows your identity automatically. Check again whether the data listed is correct. Then create a password according to your wishes, then don’t forget to click “save
  5. Next, check your inbox on your email, there you will get an email containing your identification number and password, as well as an activation link.
  6. Finally, please click on the link to activate it
  7. Finished!

If you have done the above methods, please login and report your tax payments online. After registering and now you have an account, it’s time for you to do the tax payment reporting process and upload your SPT.

How to?

  • The first step you have to do is login to the https://djponline.pajak.go.id/account/login site by entering your TIN card number and password.
how to login djp online
how to login djp online
  • If you have entered. Please buddy click “E-Filing” to be redirected to the page “SPT List” then click “Make SPT” to go to the next menu
how to file tax online

Well, later on, you will find questions that aim to determine the type of your SPT form (1770, 1770-S, or 1770-SS).

  • Here you can choose whether you want to fill out your tax return “with a form” or a “guiding question.”
how to file tax online

As for example questions form form as follows

how to login djp online

And as for an example guide questions as follows

how to login djp online

  • So, please fill in all the pages up to the last page. Then click the button “here” to request a verification code. Later a verification code will be sent to your email.
  • If so, please click “Send SPT
  • Finally, save the data that you have filled in earlier by clicking “save

How? Very easy isn’t it? To be able to see the complete method, you can also download the PDF provided by the government, the download link is here here.

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The final word

Now the discussion above is an easy way to report taxes using E-filing which can be done anytime and anywhere easily and quickly. Okay, good luck, buddy! ?

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