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How to Remove Watermark in Filmora Easily!

Who of you know about the Wondershare Filmora application or what is familiarly called Filmora? Maybe most video editors are very familiar with this application. This application is a video editing application that has a light size but has a variety of features and tools that can help editors make videos beautiful and aesthetic which makes this application quite widely used and popular among beginners.

In addition to consuming a little RAM, this application also provides a free version to be able to enjoy. However, as we know, almost all applications including Filmora limit the tools and features for the free or free version. Now for the free version itself, after you edit the video, the Filmora watermark will still be attached to the video which makes the video unaesthetic. Now to be able to remove the watermark, you have to buy or upgrade to the pro or paid version of Filmora. But don’t worry, we will show you how to easily remove the watermark on Filmora! Read on!

How to Remove Watermark on Filmora

how to remove filmora watermark

Well, you need to know, that to remove the watermark on Filmora, you have to register. Now registering here is free, my friend only needs to use an existing email and registration code.

How to permanently remove the watermark on Filmora:

  • First, prepare your laptop. after turning it on, make sure you turn off or disconnect the internet connection, yes!

NOTES : This Registration Code and Licensed Email can only run if the internet connection is off or disconnected.

  • If so, please open the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor application on your laptop. Well later on, you will get a notification at the beginning that the Filmora you are using is trial version. You can close the notification.
  • Next, my friend will go to the initial editing page, here you can select the Menu bar at the top left, then click Help > Offline Activation/Activate Filmora 9. But in some updated versions, you can select “Full Feature Mode“. After that select the menu Register then select “Register“.
how to remove filmora watermark
  • After selecting register, you will be directed to login using your filmora account. but you can ignore it. Now to enter the register stage, my friend can directly click Click Here like the picture below.
  • Here, my friend can Copy the Registration Code and Licensed email that we provide below. If it has been copied, you can paste the code and email in the form provided and click the “Activate”.
how to remove filmora watermark
photo source : Simply Tech

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Wondershare Filmora Registration Code

Here is the licensed email and registration code that you can use. You can use any one. But if it doesn’t work, you can try one by one.

If your laptop is Windows, you can use this

Licensed Email: c2942163@drdrb.com
Registration Code: 35706e040c63ee00e377911bb9a3b301

Licensed Email: c2943267@drdrb.com
Registration Code: d772be0279afe60af0e1d2109ca89a19

Licensed Email: c2943297@drdrb.com
Registration Code: fb9694298253b5154e70d22b3033808

Licensed Email: c2941690@drdrb.com
Registration Code: 510b3c20a9e54e0ff1d2fc28bad1220e

Licensed Email: c2941647@drdrb.com
Registration Code: 10403029cf3644154841651af141e800

If your laptop is a Mac, you can use this

Licensed Email : mojado@gnu.org
Registration Code :1C670A76D88EAA0945B8762F4B4A2B1A

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How? Easy isn’t it?

But it needs to be emphasized, we do not guarantee this method is 100% successful, it could be that these codes are no longer valid. But as far as we’re writing this, according to many people, these codes still work.

To prove it, please, my friend, try it yourself! ?

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