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How to Remove Vocal Sounds in Videos With Android

How to Remove Vowels in Videos – At this time to enjoy an audio or video is not a difficult thing to do anymore. Now you can play audio or video using only a smartphone. The existence of smartphones at this time seems to have replaced many other functions of objects, making it easier for many activities.

One of them replaces the DVD function as a video player device commonly used in the era before the smartphone. So that makes DVDs are rarely used because their functions can be replaced by smartphones. Moreover, on a smartphone you don’t need a cassette to play audio or video.

As a result of the development of this technology, there is also a new idea that some people want to try. For example, you want to remove vocals from a video with the aim of dubbing or making a certain video. But the good thing about technological advances is that there is always something that can satisfy someone’s desires even though it is quite impossible at first.

What Are Vocals In A Video

How to Remove Vowels in Videos

Basically the vocals in a video are the sound that is emitted when the video is playing. The voice can be a conversation that is issued from a video or audio.

Usually the vocal sound in a video is removed for a specific purpose, such as removing the sound to get the audio instrument. Another thing can also eliminate the sound of dialogue in a certain scene with the aim of dubbing the video.

This technique of removing vocals in a video is called Vocal Remover. The working system of removing vocal sounds in this video is actually simple, because basically you just remove the frequency range of a video so that you get the instrumental music.

How to Remove Vocal Sounds in Videos Using Android

After knowing at a glance about vocal and audio removal, the next step you need to know is how to remove vocals from a video. When you want to remove vocals from a video, you need an additional application. It is this application that will work in separating the sound frequencies in the video, so that the vocal sound of the video can be deleted or removed.

Even though you need an application, you don’t need to worry because the application to be used is free. You can download the application on the Play Store and use it freely without having to make a payment. Here are some applications and how to remove video vocals using Android:

The first application that you can use to remove vocals from a video is Audio Extractor published by Vashishtha. You can download this application on the Play Store for free with a size that is not too large, which is only 1.58 MB. The following are the steps to remove vocals from videos using the Audio Extractor application:

  • Download the application on the Play Store first.
  • If so, please open the application and select “Launch Video Selector”.
  • Choose the video that you have provided to remove the vocals.
  • Put a check on “Extract Audio” and then click “Start Extraction”.
  • Wait a few moments for the video to finish processing. Usually this doesn’t take long.
  • If the extraction process is complete, then you will get an audio file with the same name but the format is m4a.

In extracting using this application, you do not get the extract in the form of a video but only in the form of audio. But you can combine the extracted sound with the original video that has been muted, so you get a video whose vocals have been removed.

Mute Video, Silent Video

This is an application published by CodeEdifince with a working system to remove video noise. Basically this application can only remove the sound of the video as a whole. You can’t choose the sound you want to remove in a video like you just want to get rid of the noise. Here’s how to remove vocals from videos using the Mute Video application:

  • Open the Play Store application on your Android.
  • Type in the search field “Mute Video”.
  • Choose the application developed by Codeedifice and then download the application.
  • After the download process is complete, open the application and give the application permission to access photos and videos on your Android.
  • Then select “Select Video” to select the video you want to remove audio from.
  • If you have selected, then you will be directed to the editing section. You can select the “mute” option in the select music section to remove the vocals in the video.
  • Then click “Save” and wait for the process for a while.
  • If the process of eliminating vocal sounds has been completed, then you can see the results in the “My Creations” menu.

This Mute Video, Silent Video application has a much larger size than the first application, which is around 22 MB at the moment. However, this app is also a free app, so you don’t need to pay to enjoy the app.

Video Sound Editor

This third application is called Video Sound Editor: Add Audio, Mute, Silent Video which has been downloaded more than 1 million on the Play Store until now. This application is quite small because it is only 11 Mb in size, with features and designs that are quite complete. Here’s how to use this Video Sound Editor application:

  • Open the Play Store on your Android and type in the search field “Video Sound Editor”.
  • Choose the application developed by AndrotechMania and install it.
  • Open the installed application and select the “Mute Video” option
  • Next you will be asked to choose which video you want to remove the vocals from.
  • When you have finished selecting, then the next step please press “Remove Audio”.
  • Wait for the process for a while and save it by clicking “Save”.

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How to Remove Video Vocal Sounds Online on Android

In addition to using a help application, you can also use a website to remove vocals from a video. However, to use this method you are required to be connected to the internet, not the same as applications that can be used offline. Here’s how to remove vocals using Android online:

  • Open the browser on your Android and visit the site www.audioremover.com
  • After that, click on the word “browser” to find the video that you want to remove the vocals from.
  • Give the browser permission that you use to access the pictures and videos on your Android device.
  • The next step, please click the “uploading” option and wait until the process is complete.
  • If you have, then the next step you just need to click is “Delete Audio” and this website will automatically remove the vocals from the video you selected earlier.
  • Then you only need to download the processed video to get the file.

On this website, you can only remove vocals from videos that are smaller than 500 MB. If the video you choose has a size that exceeds that, then the video cannot be processed.

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