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How to Remove Password on Windows 10 Anti-Complicated Laptop

Setting a password when logging in on a laptop device is a safe way to protect existing data or important files. But sometimes when we have to enter the password first when we want to open the desktop it can take time especially when you have to open the desktop quickly, not to mention when we enter the wrong password and have to repeat it until the password is entered correctly. Of course, many people are curious about how to remove the password on a Windows 10 laptop.

Well, removing passwords on a laptop is the right solution when you don’t need privacy on a laptop, for example a laptop that is used for the purposes of all family members such as watching movies, videos, playing music or just doing school assignments. For those of you Windows users, here’s how to remove the password on a Windows 10 laptop without any hassle.

How to Remove Windows 10 Laptop Password?

how to remove password on windows 10 laptop

The Windows operating system is software that is commonly used by the public, especially laptop or computer users. Windows always makes improvements and updates its operating system to make it more sophisticated and has many features that are certainly very useful for Windows users. Not much different from previous windows, Windows 10 comes with more sophisticated and complete features, one of which is the option to provide protection against Windows 10 user data.

A laptop or computer is a device that certainly has important data and smells of privacy belonging to its users. Therefore, giving a pin or password as the first form of protection so that the user’s personal data can be protected.

For some people, this protection is very important and useful. However, for some people this protection will become very difficult and make it difficult for laptop owners when they have to enter a password or pin repeatedly every time they open Windows 10. If a Windows 10 user has already turned on the protection option on the laptop and wants to stop the protection, Here’s how to remove Windows 10 laptop password.

how to remove windows 10 login password

Check out how to remove the following anti-complicated Windows 10 login password:

  • Make sure you know the previous password that is usually used to login windows 10
  • Open the settings menu in windows 10, then select the Account menu
  • Select the option Sign in Options
  • In this section, you can remove the Windows 10 login password by selecting the Remove menu in the password or pin section
  • Then, the system will verify first by entering the user’s password or email that has been used previously.
  • After completing the verification, restart the system and the Windows 10 login password no longer appears on your laptop.

How To Remove Password In Windows 10 And Username Dialog

how to remove the username and password dialog when sharing files on windows 10

For some people, the presence of a password option to protect the personal data of laptop or computer users is very useful, but for some people who do not need privacy for laptops for various reasons, this option will make it difficult for users because they have to always enter a password every time they log in. windows 10.

However, don’t worry you can set and adjust the login password when you need. Of course you can enable or disable the login password whenever you want as long as you know the steps to enable and how to remove the password on windows 10 easily.

The protection system is not only available at the time of Windows login, even some systems in Windows 10 provide a protection system to protect user data from third parties. The following are some of the protection systems provided by Windows and how to remove or disable them.

How to remove password sharing windows 10

how to remove windows 10 sharing password

Sharing is a facility that is used to make it easier for you to share files, devices or internet connections that aim to save costs and devices. Sharing is often used in a company or agency such as a printing company which is often used to share files, images, or others.

When you want to share a file or image with other people, the Windows 10 sharing screen will appear and ask you to enter a password to verify it, this is very useful for those of you who want to keep what you share private, but for some people this feature will It’s troublesome so don’t be surprised if there are people who want to know how to remove the Windows 10 sharing password so that they no longer need to enter a password when sharing files.

The appearance of a dialog box that asks you to always enter your username and password every time you share files will certainly take time. especially if you want to share files with a little time so you don’t have much time to fill in the username and password, therefore many people choose to disable or even remove the protect sharing feature in Windows 10 and here is how to remove the username and password dialog when sharing files on windows 10 is easy.

  • Open the control panel menu by clicking start, then selecting the control panel menu, then right clicking start and selecting control panel.
  • Next, select the network and internet menu and select network and sharing center
  • Next, select the change advanced sharing settings menu, then scroll down, find and click the turn of password protected sharing menu.
  • Then, click save and change
  • The last step, restart the computer and the process is complete.

How to Remove Password Via Settings

how to remove password on windows 10 laptop

Every computer or laptop has a user who is the main boss called the administrator. An administrator account created by entering a password and username makes your data more protected. However, when you are asked to enter the administrator password every time you use your laptop, this can be a time-consuming thing, not to mention when you have several passwords to enter when you want to get the system up and running. Here’s how to remove the Windows 10 administrator password that you must know:

how to remove windows 10 administrator password

  • Open the settings application in windows 10, then select the account menu
  • Next, select the family and other people menu
  • The next step is to select the administrator account you want to delete
  • Next, choose the remove option
  • Then, a dialog box will appear asking if you really want to delete the account or not, if you are sure, please select delete your account
  • Finished!

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The final word

Well, that’s the information on how to easily remove the password on a Windows 10 laptop. By knowing how, it will be easier for you to set a Windows 10 password according to your needs and desires and whenever you want. Hope it is useful.

How to Remove Password in Windows 10?

There are several methods to remove annoying passwords, my friend can try via settings by clicking the account menu > family and other people > delete administrator account > remove > confirm > done.

How to Find out the Windows Version?

To find out your Windows version, it’s very easy, just go to File Explorer > Right click My Computer or This PC > Select Properties > See the information listed in About. Alternatively, you can press Windows key + R then type dxdiag > click dxdiag that appears > laptop information will appear.

How to Activate Windows?

Go to the Settings panel > Select Update & Security > Select Activation > Select Change Product Key > Please input the license code Windows 10 pro that has been purchased.

Windows 11 When Will it Release?

Microsoft officially launched the operating system Windows the newest one is Windows 11, on Thursday (24/6/2021). Please update buddy, because it’s free!

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