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How to Remove Ads on Samsung Phones

If you are a Samsung cellphone user, of course, have you ever felt annoyed with promotional ads that sometimes appear suddenly in notifications? Of course this is very disturbing. But don’t worry, you can see how to get rid of ads on Samsung phones, which we will discuss on this page in full!.

How to get rid of ads on your Samsung cellphone

As many Samsung users have complained, now that cellphones from the largest electronics manufacturer in South Korea have injected advertisements into their smartphones, this has been done for the past few years.

Pop up Ads on Samsung Apps

Even quoted from the page androidcentral, published screenshots of Samsung smartphones showing full-screen ads on Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and the Bixby App.

Of course for users who do not like the presence of ads will be very annoying. But fortunately there are several options that we can do to reduce the presence of these ads, although we can’t get rid of them completely.

How to Turn Off Ads on Samsung Cellphones Through Settings

First, you can turn off ads directly from the smartphone device settings. The way to turn off these ads is quite simple.

open Arrangement Samsung phone, Then Select Privacy after that open the service Customization, scroll down there will be Icustomized clans and direct marketing, turn off the Existing switch.

By turning it off, the phone will no longer be able to use location and text to serve customized ads. But unfortunately this method does not completely disable the ads that will appear on Samsung devices.

For the record, this method is only available on One UI 3 or later, while the older OneUI doesn’t have this menu. We tried it on the Samsung Galaxy A71 the menu is still there and can be disabled.

How to Turn Off Marketing info in Samsung Apps

You can also limit the ads that are in the default Samsung application one by one, this can be done on the Samsung Pay application and others. For example you can disable it for the Samsung Pay App.

Open the App Samsung Pay, Click the shaped Menu Hamburger at the top left of the screen, then select Settings and turn off marketing information.

Once deactivated the application will no longer be able to send notifications and marketing emails, and this only applies in Samsung Pay, you must do the same in other Samsung default Apps.

How to Disable Promotional Notifications on Samsung Phones

In addition to advertisements in some of Samsung’s default applications, you must have received notifications of new product promotions from the company, of course this is also very annoying for some people.

But fortunately Samsung still provides a feature to disable it, of course this is the user’s choice to get notifications or not. Here’s how.

  • Go to Phone Settings
  • Select Notifications
  • Choose other and you will be faced with many applications that can display notifications
  • Here, you select the application you want to disable promotional notifications for, including Samsung Pay, Galaxy Store and Samsung Push Service. You do this by searching according to the name of the application in the search box.
  • If you have found each of these applications, click and turn off the Promotional Notifications switch.

When the application most often sends promotional notifications, so if you have disabled it, of course it will reduce the appearance of ads on your Samsung cellphone.

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The final word

Although Samsung issued a policy of displaying advertisements, the company still provides a special menu that users can use to choose whether to allow advertisements or promotional notifications to be displayed or not.

Of course ads are not always annoying, there are also users who want to get promotional information faster from the company and of course still very useful. But it all depends on you, hopefully how to get rid of ads on Samsung cellphones is useful for its users.

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