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How to Remove Ads on Android Phones

Ads often appear suddenly and interfere with activities with your phone. How to remove it? Check out the review on how to remove or remove ads on the following Android cellphone.

When you are doing activities with your cellphone such as looking for information through the web or applications, it is not uncommon for advertisements to appear in every corner of the page. In fact, they appear in large numbers. How much is it possible to cover your activity page. This is certainly annoying and makes you uncomfortable. So that ads don’t appear on your phone anymore, then you have to block them. Therefore, instead, you see the review of how to remove ads on the following Android cellphone to completion.

How to Remove Ads on Android Phones

how to get rid of ads on android phone
how to get rid of ads on android phone

Actually, there are many ways to remove ads on Android phones. Some of them use root and some don’t. It can also be through an application available on the play store, a web browser that is already installed on the phone or not even both. For more details, let’s look at the commonly used ways to remove the ads that annoy you.

1. Using the App

The first thing you can use as a way to remove ads on Android phones is with an application. This app is available on the Play Store. One of the names of the application is AdGuard Content Blocker. This application can be used for free. But the unpaid version can only be used to remove ads in the browser.

The first step is to install the AdGuard application then launch the application. Then click go to filters and you can choose the type of ads you want to stop or block. The advantage of this application is that it can work in VPN mode, so it can be used as a way to get rid of ads on Android phones.

2. Remove Ads in Browser

The next way to get rid of ads is to use the chrome browser. Because usually ads often appear in browsers, and not only one type of ad that appears.
If you open Chrome, there are three vertical dots in the upper right corner. you can click the sign and select Settings. Then click on pop ups and redirects. Select Toggle until it turns gray. You can also remove advertisements or news notifications that you find disturbing. How to click Settings and select Notifications. And click the toggle until the color becomes gray and there is a blocked statement.

3. Remove Malware

Even though you have removed the ads in the two ways above, sometimes the ads still appear. This is usually because Malware has infiltrated the installed application. The way to remove ads on Android phones by removing malware is considered to make the device more secure.

The easiest way to get rid of malware is to remove the problematic application. Then restart your cellphone. You can also protect apps from being infiltrated by malware by activating Play Protect. The trick is to open the Play Store and click the menu in the upper left corner. Next select Play Protect and select the gear icon. Then toggle on scan device for security threats until it turns green.

How to Remove Ads on Android Phone

How to remove ads on Android phones
How to remove ads on Android phones

ABP or AdBlock Plus is an application that is used to deal with annoying ads. Said to be a way to remove ads on Android phones that is effective in both browsers and applications and games. For ads that do not bother you, can be allowed to appear through this application. Next how does the ABP application work? Check out the following.

1. ABP installation

The ABP application can no longer be installed on the Play Store. But calm down, because you can download via the internet. First, you do a browser browsing with a desktop. Next, move the downloaded APK to your Android phone. Another way is that you download directly through the browser on the cellphone.

After you get the file, it can then be opened via the file manager. Open the APK file, select the install menu and leave your cellphone for a while until the ABP installation process is complete. There are two ways to remove ads on Android phones through ABP. If the cellphone has been rooted, then you just have to allow it for the next process. If you haven’t, then you need a proxy setting so that the ABP application can work.

2. Setting Proxy

When you want to get rid of ads on Android phones with ABP then set up a proxy after it has been successfully installed. The method is quite easy to do. First, connect your Android to wifi by long pressing it. It aims to connect android to the internet network, but connects to several menus in it.

The next step that must be done is to select modify network and press show advanced option. Then click the manual menu and select a proxy to be used as localhost. Here you will be asked to enter a proxy port which can usually be known through notifications from ABP. After the above sequence is done, the proxy settings have been completed. If you are using Android 2.3, you just need to select wifi settings, then click advanced settings and follow the steps as above.

3. Installing Add On

Basically the ABP application can be used as a way to remove ads on Android phones that have been rooted or not. Selian it will only work while browsing. While in the application, ads will still appear. ABP is actually an application in Chrome or Mozilla. So, when you are going to install it, Mozilla is needed. If you don’t have it on your phone, I suggest you install it first.

You can download the APB add-on via Mozilla. Then immediately add and install for your browser. Before using the application, it’s a good idea to restart your Android. So that the ABP application and work properly. When finished, you can use the ABP add-on to remove ads.

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How to Remove Ads that Appear Suddenly on Android Phones Without Root

In addition to the methods previously mentioned, you can also choose how to remove ads with other methods. Among the things that are not difficult is without installing root on the cellphone. To find out how, let’s see the following review.

1. Using No Root Firewall

As the name implies, no root firewall is one way to get rid of ads that appear suddenly on Android phones without root. The form is an application that you can install on the play store. After the application is successfully implemented on your Android, then you just have to choose which applications you want to block ads from. If the setting is successful, then the selected application is marked with a red cross.

2. Using the AdClear App

The way AdClear works is by filtering all data that occurs on your phone through a VPN. Then AdClear will automatically block all ads in browsers and apps. How to remove this ad is fairly easy. Like applications in general, you can install Adclear through the play store. After successfully installed on the phone, click power and select OK if the VPN notification appears. For optimization in blocking ads, you can click on advanced protection.

Those are some ways to remove and how to get rid of ads that appear suddenly on Android phones without root that you can do. You can choose it according to your needs and desires to remove ads. But choose the method that you think is the most effective in removing annoying ads.

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