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How to Register for FMBPI 2021 and How to Download the Million Dreams Application

How to Register FMBPI 2021 – For fellow students who want to add insight and knowledge outside of formal school education, participating in talk shows is one way that can be done. Therefore, the presence of FMBPI (New Student & Indonesian Student Festival) in August 2021 is a great opportunity that you should not miss.

The festival, which will be held on 27-29 August 2021, will be held online by presenting a number of speakers from public figures whose achievements have been known so far, such as Sandiaga Uno, Andhika Sudarman, Najwa Shihab, and several other speakers.

FMBPI 2021 will be filled with a series of talk shows in order to welcome new Indonesian students, as well as provide provisions and preparations for them in order to face the world of lectures and be successful in it.

Benefits of Joining FMBPI 2021

FMBPI 2021 List

What are the benefits that will be obtained from participating in FMBPI 2021? Maybe this is a question that comes to mind when you hear information about this festival. Of course, the benefits that will be obtained are enormous, including:

Get National Level Certificate

The first benefit that you will get when you take part in the 2021 FMBPI is to get a national level certificate for every event held, for example talk shows, competitions, and so on.

You certainly already understand that the existence of the certificate is very important, because later it can be proof that you already have knowledge or at least have gained knowledge related to the material being followed and get a certificate for that reason.

Get Education Scholarship

By participating in the festival above, fellow students have the opportunity to get educational scholarships. Of course there will be terms and conditions that must be met in order to get the scholarship.

Therefore, my friend, don’t miss out on participating in the festival. It could be that you are one of the lucky students to get it. Of course, with the scholarship, the burden of education that you have to bear will be lighter.

Useful Knowledge and Insights

FMBPI 2021 will be filled with speakers from well-known figures such as Sandiaga Uno, Najwa Shihab, Nadiem Makarim, Jovial Da Lopes, and other speakers. Each of them will provide different material. In essence, from the material presented, fellow students can get a lot of useful knowledge and insights. Because the material presented is not only academic in nature, but also in the form of useful knowledge and insights gained from experience and trial and error experienced so far.

Feel Euphoria and Unique Experience

When you join the festival, you will feel euphoria, a unique experience, and a sensation of its own. The reason is, not only friends who follow the festival, but also hundreds of thousands of students from all over the archipelago. This also shows the high enthusiasm of Indonesian students to develop and achieve success in their education.

Of course, we hope that students who take part in the event can benefit greatly from this event.

As a form of appreciation to the organizers

Preparing for a big event by presenting speakers from prominent figures and public figures in the country is not an easy matter. Not to mention various other preparations which of course require money, energy, thoughts, and others.

Therefore, students should be excited to participate as a form of appreciation for the seniors and campuses who have worked hard to organize this event. Although it’s a shame because this event doesn’t have to be held offline.

All About FMBPI 2021 and How to Register for FMBPI 2021

So that fellow students can get a more complete picture of FMBPI 2021, below I will mention everything about the event. Come on, see the explanation below:

Is This Event Charged?

Seeing the picture of how big this event is, you might wonder if this talk show is charged? If yes, what is the price? The good news is that this event was held at no cost to the participants.

This means that fellow students can take part in the 2021 FMBPI for free. Therefore, it is very unfortunate if you miss this event. Because, my friend can get many benefits without having to pay the slightest cost for it.

Who Can Join This Event?

Because of the large benefits that will be obtained when participating in this event, there are no restrictions in participating in it. Therefore, this event can be attended by everyone, both from among students, students, and the general public.

The knowledge and insights that will be shared in the talk show are not limited to the world of lectures. Many useful general knowledge and insights will be shared and provided by the speakers. So, whatever your profession, you can still get great benefits from this event.

What are the FMBPI Event Series?

What are the series of events that can be followed when participating in the 2021 FMBPI event? The series of events are as follows:

  • 3 special days for campus orientation.
  • 12 inspirational talk shows featuring speakers from prominent figures in Indonesia.
  • 44 million rupiah in cash which was given as a competition prize.
  • Selection of 60 recipients of education support funds.
  • Launching of scholarships provided by the SejutaCita 2 Application & SejutaCita Ambassador Program.

How to Register FMBPI 2021

While there is still an opportunity to register your friend for this event, then I suggest not to miss the opportunities that still exist. Sign up now buddy. The way the list is as follows;

  • First, you must first download the SejutaCita application from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Next, you have to register yourself in the SejutaCita application using your e-mail or phone number.
  • Next, just look for the FMBPI event, then you just have to make a ticket order for the talkshow session that you want to join.
  • Continue by clicking register for registration.
  • If there is a column to enter a referral code, you can enter the code CT0863.

To register your friend so that you can take part in the event above, you just need to follow the steps that I have mentioned above. Guaranteed my friend will not have trouble registering my friend.

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The final word

That’s the information about FMBPI 2021 and things related to it that we can convey in this post. Hopefully what we convey in this article will be useful in this regard.

We deliberately share the tutorial on how to register for FMBPI 2021 to all of you as a form of contribution for students who want to take part in the event. We hope that you don’t miss the opportunity and opportunity to take part in this event due to the great benefits that you can get. Opportunities like this are not always present, my friend must make the best of it. Good luck for the future.

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