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How to Register for BRI Internet Banking via HP, ATM and Branch Offices

Saving at a bank makes us more instant in terms of making payments, but this also needs to be supported by activating a feature called internet banking in all existing banks. So, for that, we will discuss how to register for BRI internet banking via cellphone, is it possible or not?

Having savings in a bank is indeed something that makes it easier for users to manage existing finances, so that spending is more closely monitored. By having savings in the bank, we can transfer to relatives or other people easily and quickly.

However, if every transfer has to go to an ATM, it might seem impractical. Now, if you are a BRI bank user and want to send money anywhere easily only through your cellphone, you can use Internet Banking services.

It should be noted, Internet banking itself is a service for checking balances, money transfers, and other transactions that almost all banks have.

With internet banking, you can make it easy for all digital / online services that are useful. Therefore, let’s take advantage of internet banking technology!

How to Make BRI Internet Banking?

BRI Logo
BRI logo

Before creating and registering Internet Banking, you need to prepare the requirements, what are they?

  • Buddy needs to prepare the BRI account book that you want to register for internet banking
  • Prepare your identity such as ID card, driving license, passport, and others (choose only one, but the main thing is ID card.
  • Setting up an active email (for account verification)
  • Active HP number.
  • Prepare internet quota and sufficient credit balance (for verification)

So that’s the requirements for registering for internet banking. If you are ready, you can start registering from 3 options. Here’s the explanation:

Register for BRI Internet Banking via HP

You need to know, actually registering for BRI Internet Banking can’t be done via cellphone. Both Android and iOS phones. Users cannot register because Bank BRI has not issued this feature and may also require offline data verification to ensure the security of funds and customer data.

So if you still want to register for Internet Banking, you can follow the method below which we will describe by registering via ATM, or to the nearest BRI Bank directly.

Register for BRI Internet Banking via ATM

How to Register BRI Internet Banking Via HP
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So, if you want to register for BRI Internet Banking via an ATM, please follow the steps:

  • First, go to the nearest ATM.
  • Then you can choose Transaction, then select Other.
  • Next select the Menu option Registration.
  • Here there are several options, please choose Internet banking.
  • Next, enter the six-digit PIN that you have prepared.
  • If so, enter Confirm PIN again accordingly.
  • After that, there will be a receipt containing the User ID and address website which will exit and can be used as a sign of successful or successful registration.
  • If you have finished with the above process, please complete it and confirm with the bank. This is done in order to get full access to transaction activities at BRI Mobile as well as final verification. Later when you go to the bank, you have to bring an ATM card, ID card, and ATM registration receipt.

Register for BRI Internet Banking through BRI Bank

How to Register BRI Internet Banking Via HP
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If you have trouble registering through an ATM, you can register directly through the nearest bank. Here are the steps:

  • First, friends, please visit the nearest BRI branch office from your home location
  • Then you can prepare several documents such as a passbook, ID card or other identity, email and phone number with a credit balance, and quota,
  • If you have, later there will be a form to register for internet banking, you can fill in the BRI IB application form available at the BRI branch office which will later be directed by a bank officer,
  • Please, my friend, follow the instructions that will be delivered by BRI Customer Service

Facilities That You Will Get If You Use BRI Internet Banking

  • Can see Account Information
  • Can see Balance Information
  • Can see Account Movement
  • Can do Fund Transfer
  • Can do Transfers Between BRI Accounts
  • Can make transfers to other banks
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Add Transfer
  • Can see Status

Advantages of BRI Internet Banking

  • Easy to use because it’s only with HP
  • User Friendly (simple display and easy to understand)
  • Can be done Anytime (24 hours)
  • Get the latest information about BRI programs
  • Shopping Security (because there is a strict security guarantee from the BRI bank)
  • It only requires a cellphone and internet connection to make transactions, check balances, and more.

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The final word

The above is a discussion on How to Register for BRI Internet Banking, even though it turns out you can’t use your cellphone, but you can easily register through an ATM, and come directly to the bank. Both ways are very easy right?

With BRI Internet Banking services, it is now easier and safer for you to transact anytime and anywhere.

Note: if you have difficulties in the registration process, it would be nice for you to contact BRI Bank CS (phone: 14017 / 1500017, Email: callbri@bri.co.id), or you can see it directly on the official website page at https:// /bri.co.id/ Okedeh, good luck!

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