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How to Register and Verify the Best Tokocrypto KYC in Indonesia

Cryptocurrency is the current investment trend! One of the best places to trade crypto assets in Indonesia is TokoCrypto. But some people have trouble signing up for the service. For that we provide easy steps on How to Register and Verify Tokocrypto KYC in full.

If you are interested in investing your money in Crypto or looking for a place to buy and sell cryptocurrency assets, of course you are looking for the best and best service in Indonesia, right? Well, one of them that we think is the best crypto service as well as application is TokoCrypto.

What is Cryptostore?

Cryptostore is a place where you can trade cryptocurrencies with fiat-rupiah money. To use it, you can take advantage of the official website www.tokocrypto.com and the Android and iOS applications at TokoCrypto.

How safe is cryptocurrency investment in TokoCrypto?

Talking about security, of course we have to look at the legal aspect of TokoCrypto in Indonesia, because this is a trading exchange, of course this service must be registered with CoFTRA. And the good thing is, TokoCrypto is already registered with CoFTRA and Kominfo, besides that this service is ISO 27001 certified so it is safe to be a place to exchange crypto assets in Indonesia.

In addition, we must also look at the customer service support provided. TokoCrypto has 24-hour customer service support. You can easily contact him regarding technical problems or anything there.

Through the official TokoCrypto website, this service is the first licensed crypto asset provider in Indonesia, TokoCrypto was first launched in January 2021 by Pang Xue Kai and is now officially registered at BAPPEBTI with the number 001/BAPPEBTI/CP-AK/11/2021.

In addition, TokoCrypto gets an investment injection from Binance, it is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading service in terms of transaction volume and users. It’s no wonder that TokoCrypto is now running technology from Binance so that this service has managed to run optimally despite experiencing a large surge in users.

How to Register on Tokocrypto

How to Register on Tokocrypto

If you are familiar with TokoCrypto, the next step is to register and verify your account to be able to buy and sell on the service. To have an account and verify TokoCyrpto, the steps are quite easy.

  1. Click Link Here to register and get a trading fee discount!.
  2. If you register using the Android or iOS application, you can download the application and wait for the process to complete
  3. Then click register now.
  4. Make sure to fill out the form correctly, enter your name and ID card number, and email correctly. If you enter an incorrect name then your registration will likely be rejected.
  5. Check again what you have filled in and then click submit.
  6. After your account has been created, the next step is to login and perform KYC verification to be able to trade crypto assets on TokoCrypto.

How to Verify KYC at TokoCrypto

After you have a TokoCrypto account, you cannot deposit and buy/sell Crypto within the service, because the last step you have to do is to verify the account, or called TokoCrypto KYC Verification. The steps are quite easy you can see below;

  1. First, prepare an ID card with a name that matches the previous registration
  2. Login to TokoCrypto and look for the KYC Verification menu
  3. First you have to fill in customer detail information, this is in the form of Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Phone Number and so on.
  4. Then in the next form you fill in your complete residential address.
  5. After that upload a photo of the ID card document and fill in the data according to the ID card.
  6. Next Upload Selfie follow the instructions in the application.
  7. Then send KYC verification and wait for the application to be verified by the TokoCrypto team.
  8. If you fail to verify, please submit again and make sure the data is filled in correctly.

The final word

Those are easy steps to register and verify KYC at TokoCrypto, after you are verified, prepare a deposit to immediately sell/buy Crypto assets! And make sure you know all the risks involved in investing!

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