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How to Reduce Video Size Offline and Online

In the current era of progress, Smartphones seem to be increasingly competing to make slick specifications and performance, one of which is the camera. Now the function of the camera itself is to take pictures or record an event that we usually call video. The more sophisticated and advanced camera technology in Smartphones, the better the quality of the images taken or recorded by the camera which makes the images or recordings very clear. But on the one hand, the better and sharper an image is, on the other hand the larger the size or memory size of a file is due to its Fps density (frames per second).

Well this is also one of the obstacles for many users. Because some applications or communication platforms do not support sending photos or videos of large size or size, for example Whatsapp or Gmail. Both of these communication platforms allow sending a lot of files but do not support sending files that are so large such as videos that are 30mb and above. And also storing large video files can take up memory space on our cellphones so that it can slow down the performance of the cellphone.

Don’t worry, for friends who have similar problems as above, we will tell you how How to reduce video size offline and online which of course the easy way! Ok check this out!

Reduce Video Size Offline

  • First, make sure you download and install an application called “Timbre”. You can download it for free via the Google Play Store or you can click here
How to Reduce Video Size
  • If you have installed it, open the Timbre application and then it will appear “Allow access” or “Allow”, my friend can click Allow to continue.
reduce video size

By using this application, you can use it offline or turn off the internet connection. Because to access or use it, you don’t need to use an internet connection

  • Next, my friend will enter the menu as below, scroll down and select the “Resize” menu
  • Then select which video you want to compress or reduce in size.
  • If you have, my friend can set the resolution in the red bar as shown below. The smaller the resolution you choose, the smaller the video size will be. However, the less clear the resulting image or frame is.
  • If it fits, my friend can click compress or shrink it Camera icon inside red circle. Later a pop up will appear to make sure you want to execute it or not.
  • If yes, click option Save and later a download notification will appear like this picture.
  • Finished! The video is automatically saved in your gallery or storage. The image below is an example of how the reduced video size compares
comparison before and after video converted

Easy and very simple right?

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Reducing Video Size Online or Via the Web

In addition to the offline method above, we also have another method that we can share with friends, namely using tools that require users to use the internet or online.

Using the Services of Aconvert

Reducing Video Size online
  • Then click the button Choose File to choose which video you want to compress or shrink.
  • If you have, my friend can click Options then select “Change Size, Birate or Frame Rate” later my friend can determine what you want such as Video Size, Video Bitrate, Frame rate, and Video aspect. You can decide that for yourself!
online video converter
online video converter
  • If it fits and fits, my friend can click the button “Convert Now” to reduce the video. Wait for it to finish and save the file!

Using Video Smaller

  • First, visit the webpage https://www.videosmaller.com , later my friend will enter a page like this. Make sure you stay connected to the Internet, okay?
Minimize videos with Video Smaller
  • Now select Browse to choose which video you will compress or shrink
  • If so, scroll down. Later there will be a choice, my friend can determine for yourself.
reduce video size
  • Finally click the button “Upload Videosthen execute. Wait until loading is complete and your video has been compressed or reduced in size!

The two methods above are very easy, right?

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The final word

Maybe those are some ways that we can explain how to reduce the size or size of the video offline or online. Besides being very easy, the method above is also quite fast and simple. However, we recommend that you use it via an application or offline like the Timbre application described above, because it is quite easy and without using an internet connection.

Good luck! ?

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