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How to Redeem Code ML, here are the steps

Moonton has several times provided redeem codes for Mobile Legends players to get and exchange for some interesting items. Starting from star protection cards, items, to free skins you can get with method redeem code ML the. You can get this code through a number of official events or giveaways in the middle live streaming or events from some gaming youtubers.

Mobile Legends is a game developed by Moonton which is very famous in Indonesia. It is undeniable that this Moba game has a large community from all over the world. Moonton certainly never gave a number of redeem codes to be exchanged for gifts for free.

After you get the Mobile Legends redeem code, you must immediately exchange it for free diamonds, because the redeem code has certain numbers.

How to Get Mobile Legends Redeem Code

You could say that Moonton often gives redeem codes in a number of events. You can get the redeem code in several upcoming ML events and you can get all the info via Mobile Legends’ official social media.

In addition, gaming streamers and YouTubers often offer giveaways that can be exchanged for diamonds or skins that will be sent directly to the game account inbox. Youtubers like DylanPros and JessNoLimit and many others usually use such a strategy to attract new subscribers so that their channel gets busier.

Before proceeding to the stage of how to exchange the Mobile Legends redeem code, there are things you need to remember. There are a number or even a lot of redeem codes available on various websites, but you need to be careful because you can’t exchange all of these codes due to several factors.

One of them is that the ML redeem code is issued in another region, therefore those of you who are on the Indonesian server cannot exchange the code. In addition, you will also be susceptible to tire if carelessly use the Mobile Legends redeem code.

How to Redeem Code ML Easiest

To be able to exchange the Mobile Legends redeem code is actually not too difficult. You can do it directly on Moonton’s official website https://mobilelegends.com/en/codexchange/. But before that there are some terms and conditions that you need to know first. The following are the terms and conditions.

  • The redeem code from Moonton consists of 17 characters and is used as a combination of numbers and letters
  • The ML game user ID you are using
  • Verification code from Moonton’s side
  • The redeem code only applies to the Indonesian server and does not apply to other servers, and vice versa
  • The redeem code can only be used once
  • The redeem code has an expiration date and is valid for a certain time limit

After you understand some of the terms and conditions for exchanging this Mobile Legends redeem code, you can now exchange the redeem code. Here are the steps for how to exchange it:

  • Redee codes can be exchanged via the official ML website https://mobilelegends.com/en/codexchange/
  • Then you have to enter the Mobile Legends user ID and verification code then select redeem
  • Login to your ML account that has been bind
  • Prize items will be sent directly via (In Game Mail)

Well, that’s how to get and exchange the ML redeem code. If you experience problems during the process of exchanging this redeem code to claim the prize, it’s a good idea to contact the customer service department.

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