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How to Recover Deleted Photo and Video Files On Android

Your important files were deleted accidentally or intentionally? And you are confused how to return it? Check out how to restore deleted files and photos on Android without root below.

Nowadays smartphones are getting more sophisticated. Not only save messages and contacts only. But it also stores all kinds of files, including photos, videos, or other important data. Of course this is very easy for users. But sometimes, important files are accidentally deleted. Because of negligence and carelessness when opening it. As a result, these important files are lost from your cellphone device. But you don’t have to be sad, because you can return it. How? Here’s how to restore deleted photos on android, videos, and other files.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Android Without Root

how to restore deleted files on android without root
how to restore deleted files on android without root

Files are important data. Especially for those of you who often use smartphones to store, edit, send, or receive files. Because we are often negligent, the file is sometimes deleted. Here’s how to get it back.

  1. Using Mobilikin Doctor

When your important files are lost or deleted, you can find out how to restore deleted files on android without root by using mobilikin doctor. Not only files, but all data that you want to restore such as photos, emails, videos, and even contacts. When you want to do this method, you have to use a laptop or PC in the process. You don’t have to buy it, you can borrow it from friends or relatives if you don’t have one. With mobilikin doctor, you can also view and check which files you want to recover. So this is very helpful for you, both time and effectiveness.

First, you must have downloaded this application, especially on Windows and Mac. Next, connect your cellphone to your laptop or PC. Mobilikin will later ask for permission to access HP. Here you simply follow the instructions given on the screen. After successful access, it will immediately start scanning. Wait a few seconds, mobilikin easily recognizes the device. Then you can select and filter what types of files will be restored. After a while, less than twenty minutes the data you need will return to the device.

  1. Using WonderShare Mobile Trans

Besides mobilkin doctor, you can also use the Wondershare Mobile Trans application to find out how to restore deleted files on Android without root. This application also requires a laptop in the process. After the application is successfully installed on the laptop, you can get the deleted file.

The method and the rarity are the same when you use mobilikin doctor. When the cellphone is installed and connected to a computer using USB, this application will scan and display deleted files. Then you just select the file to be restored. Pretty easy to follow isn’t it for the how-to.

  1. Using Recuva

The last way I will share to find out how to restore deleted files on Android without root is by using the Recuva application. Like the two methods above, Recuva also requires a laptop and connects the cellphone to the laptop using USB. But make sure, you have installed Recuva on the laptop or PC that you will use. After everything is installed, Recuva will search for files that have been deleted. Then you can choose which files you want to restore.

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How to Restore Deleted Photos on Android

how to recover deleted photos on android
how to recover deleted photos on android

Have you deleted your vacation photos from your HP device? It’s a shame because it took a long journey to get it. But now you can know how to recover deleted photos on android. Here’s the review.

  1. Using Deleted Recovery Free

Do you need an application that can find out how to easily restore deleted photos? Then you have to download and try this one application. Its name is deleted recovery free. With this application all photos that are suddenly lost or deleted can be restored as before.

Steps that you can do with this application, of course, the deleted recovery free application is already installed. Then you can scan all photos. And finally, you just have to wait, not long after this application finishes restoring photos. But unfortunately, this application may not necessarily be able to do this on your device.

  1. Using the Diskdigger Photo Recovery Application

Apart from deleted recovery free, you can also use DiskDingger photo recovery to find out how to restore deleted photos on android. In DiskDingger, it’s like there is a separate space to store your photos. Anytime a photo is deleted and you need it, all you have to do is restore the deleted photo. Pretty easy isn’t it?

When you use this application, the advantage is that you don’t have to root your Android. This application can still restore your photos. Even though this application is more advanced than deleted recovery free.

While the drawback is that if you do not install root on the device, then you cannot enjoy many of the many features that are already available. Meanwhile, if you install root, you will be very spoiled with the features in it. This is very unfortunate. Why? Because DiskDingger is not only able to restore deleted photos.

  1. Using the Dumpster App

How to recover last deleted photos with Dumpster application. With this application, lost photos can be returned to their original state on your Android phone. The advantage of Dumpster is that all your photos are guaranteed safe. In addition, your photos are stored neatly in the Dumpster bin. Of course you will feel safe with your files. It’s like someone is guarding it outside your android device. Now if you want to restore deleted files on Android without root, then you just have to open the bin and select restore according to what photos you want to restore again.

How to Recover Deleted Videos

For vloggers, videos are an important asset. Due to carelessness, sometimes videos just disappear. But you don’t have to re-take the video. You just need to know how to restore deleted videos below:

  1. Using GT Recovery

Important videos in your device lost or deleted? No need to worry, because you can take advantage of GT Recovery. So you can find out how files are deleted on Android without root, including the video. The app is arguably one of the best apps to recover lost videos. And in practice, you don’t need to use root. Although in the past I had to install root when using this application.

How to restore deleted videos on Android with RT Recovery is quite easy. So you don’t have to bother and bother with the method. Because there is an automatic scanner for deleted data. You can also restore other files such as SMS, contact telephone numbers, even passwords that are often forgotten.

  1. Using DigDeep

If you need a very reliable application to restore all kinds of files, then you must install DigDeep on your android device. Not only photos, you can find out how to restore deleted videos on Android, either intentionally or accidentally.

When the application is installed, you can simply open this application. Automatically, DigDeep will scan the deleted files on the device. Then you can see and check the video that will be returned. Likewise for how to restore deleted photos.

That’s how to restore deleted files and photos on Android. You can choose how to restore deleted files on Android without root according to your needs.

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