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How to Quickly Increase Photo Resolution Online Easily

The photos that you have are blurry or the resolution is not good? Surely you are looking for a way to sharpen or enlarge the resolution of the photos that you have, right? Well, this article is really fitting to listen to, because we will review how to easily enlarge and increase the resolution of photos online.

Today’s photos have become a digital asset that is so important in our lives, because photos usually store valuable memories or important moments that will not be repeated. Sometimes there are several problems, one of which is the results of photo shots where the results are not good or blurry or also unclear because when taking pictures. It could happen because it doesn’t focus when you take a picture or because the camera resolution is not good. Even though it’s a photo that cannot be repeated, of course it would be very unfortunate.

But guys don’t worry! Because today is sophisticated, ‘anything’ can be done with technology. Yup! One of these, namely increasing the resolution of the image online!

Curious how? Let’s just watch to the end!

How to Increase Photo Resolution Online

Using waifu2x.udp.jp

enlarge photo resolution online
how to increase photo resolution using waifu2x

The first way to increase photo resolution is to use Waifu2x. Even though the name is unique and identical to the world of Japan or anime, that’s not really what it contains and functions in it! Waifu2x itself is a website that can help friends to increase the size of the photo resolution. So how?

  • The first way, please prepare your browser buddy. could be chrome or something else.
  • If so, please visit the site waifu2x.booru.pics in the search field or you can also click Waifu2x http://waifu2x.udp.jp/
  • Later my friend will enter on the front page. Please, my friend, select “Choose Files” to select the photo you want to edit.
  • Furthermore, here you can customize or set it first to improve image quality.
  • Tips from us, on choice “Noise Reduction”, you can select the option “High” to get the best photo quality.
  • If so, on the option “scales”, you can choose “None” or 2x. It’s up to you buddy. In our opinion by choosing “2x”, the picture will get better.
  • Verification I’m not a robot to be able to continue.
  • If so, my friend can select the button waifu2x which is located below to confirm the completion of the image that you have set.

Here, my friend has to wait for the process to finish!

  • When it’s finished, my friend can choose the format PNG or JPG to save it. Well tips from us, please buddy to choose PNG, because PNG has a better image quality and is not easily broken than JPG.
  • Finally, my friend can download to save the image.

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Using resizeimage.net

enlarge photo resolution online
Tools how to increase photo resolution using resizeimage

The next way is to use resizeimage.net. you can use this website to enlarge or sharpen the resolution of the photo. Curious how?

  • First, as usual, please, my friend, prepare your browser.
  • If so, you can open resizeimage.net.
  • Later my friend will enter the main page, there you can choose Upload an image to select which photo you want to edit.
  • If you upload your photo, later there will be several options to manage your edits.

Here there are several menus that you can set. We can provide tips, including:

– In the option “Crop your image“, there is a selection type, please, my friend, choose Normal.

– then on the option “Rotate your image”, here my friend can just be silent.

– then on the option “Resize your image”, my friend can swipe right to enlarge the image size. Check Auto mode and Keep Aspect Ratio (optional).

– if you have, later on the option “Select Output image format” pal Choose JPG, or others can also

– In the option “Optimize your image“, please check or tick mate Best image quality to get the best image quality.

  • If all of your settings are complete, you can select the button “Resize Image” to confirm that you are finished and ready to print.
how to increase photo resolution online
  • Just wait until the process is complete!

Using “ILoveIMG”

enlarge photo resolution online

In addition, the way to increase image resolution online is using ILoveIMG. Oh, is that ILoveIMG? It is a free website that can help people with the various features it offers, such as increasing the resolution of a photo.

Besides being used to enlarge image resplusi, this site can also be used to convert JPG, Compress, Crop, and others you know! Cool? How to?

  • First, prepare your laptop or cellphone. Then open a browser such as chrome or mozilla.
  • If so, please open the ILoveIMG site. Or you can visit here.
  • Next, the ILoveIMG front page will appear, now on the front page, please select “Select Images” and select the photo that you want to improve the resolution for.
  • Later the settings will come out that you can fiddle with yourself, now you can adjust the Width (width) and Height (height) according to your needs.
  • Finally, please, my friend, choose Download Resized Images to save the results that you have raised the resolution earlier. Finished!

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Using Let’s Enhance.io

how to increase photo resolution
how to increase photo resolution use ehance.io

The last way we can give you to enlarge or sharpen the photo resolution is to use the Lets Enhance.io website

How to?

  • First, please open your browser buddy. if you have please open the website Let’s Enhance.io or you can click directly on the text.
  • Later you will go to the home page where there is a login form. Now, to be able to enter it, please login first, my friend can use a Google or Facebook account, it’s up to you.
how to increase photo resolution online
  • If you have, later my friend will go to the start page to upload photos. Please “Click here to upload image” to select the image or photo that you want to increase the resolution.
  • Next, there is a menu Upscalling and Enhancement. So here, please, my friend, select the option “Photos and Art” on the menu Upscalling.
how to increase photo resolution online
  • If so, please, my friend, select “Advance settings” to select the size you want.
  • After selecting, my friend must click “Start Processing” to start the process of enlarging the image.
  • You need to know, you are required to create a free account before using the features of this website. Free users can only enlarge images on this website 5 times you know!
  • Wait until the process is complete! And don’t forget to download the image!

Before ending, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of the above methods which are to increase photo resolution.

Excess :

1. The process is quite easy

2. It doesn’t take much time

3. Some features can be enjoyed for free

4. The photos are quite good

5. No need to download the application.

Deficiency :

1. There are paid features

2. Must have internet connection

3. There is no history of the photos we edited

4. Sometimes the coloring in the photos is not quite right. Yes, naturally, because the process is automatic and fast.

Well, that’s something like that, please try it yourself! Thanks for listening, good luck mate! ?

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