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How to Quickly Compress Word Files Online and Offline

Documents are very important items for a worker or student and for a worker, documents are usually sent either to their superiors or to colleagues using E-mail. There are several email services that limit the size of word documents or others so that users cannot directly send them in large sizes. So, for those of you who want to find out how to compress word file sizes, this article is the answer!

How to? Let’s just take a look at how to reduce the word size and make sure you read it all the way through!

Reduce Word Size by Compressing Images in It

  • So, the first step is to open the Microsoft Word document that you want to compress or reduce in size.
  • Next, you double-click on one of the photos or images in the word document.
  • Well, later a menu will appear Picture Tools Format in the right corner.
compress word files
  • If you have, then my friend click Compress Picture in the group Adjust in the left corner.
reduce image in word
  • Then it will appear Compress Picture like the picture below

The description or intent on the Compress Picture window are:

  • Apply only to this picture, meaning that the compress will be applied to this photo or image only. if you want all the photos in the document, then remove the checklist or check it.
  • As for Delete cropped areas of pictures, meaning that the computer will delete areas of the photo that are hidden with the Crop feature. You can select Checklist or check this section so that unused images will be deleted and the Microsoft Word file size will be smaller.
  • In section Resolution, choose what you need, if the document will be sent via email or gmail, then use it E-mail or the size 96 ppi. It’s up to you which one you want to choose.
  • Well, if you have, click OK as marked. Then automatically all photos or images in the document will be compressed according to the rules that you have set and specified.

Compressing Word Size Online

But the method above is not that simple, right? Okay, don’t worry. If you think the method above is not easy, we will tell you another way for you how to compress word size easily and quickly namely by way of Online. This method can also be applied by friends via Laptops or WL. Just look at the method as follows

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  • First, my friend open the browser on the cellphone or on the laptop. It’s up to you if you want to use the Chrome, Mozilla, UC Browser, or other browsers, it doesn’t matter. If it’s already opened, visit the We Compress web page or you can click here https://www.wecompress.com/
  • Well, later my friend will enter a view like the image below. To choose which word document you want to compress, please click on the plus icon below the text Drop Files Here.
compress word online
  • if so, select “Compress” to start compressing. Buddy wait a few moments. Not long just a few seconds.
reduce word online
  • If it is successfully compressed, please download the compressed word document, my friend.

In our opinion, this second method is the most helpful in reducing the word size, besides that this method is also very easy and fast. But the choice is up to each of you. Want to use the first method, or the second way. Whatever.

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The final word

The two methods above are ways to compress the file size Word offline and online according to us, which we have summarized specifically for friends. So, if you have other methods or other recommendations, please let us all know through the comments column below Good luck, buddy! ?

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