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How to Play PS5 Games on Android and iOS Phones

You already know, friend, Besides being able to play PlayStation 5 on TV, users can also play it using a cellphone, either Android or iPhone. For that we will discuss in full how to play PS5 games on Android and iOS phones.

That way users can play PS5 on their cellphone even though they are far apart, for example, you are out of the house but want to play PS5 games on your cellphone, that’s really possible.

Because the most important thing to be able to play PS5 games on a cellphone is the availability of a stable and fast internet connection network.

Users just need to do the settings on the PS5, then download and install the application, then link DualSense to the cellphone, even without connecting the DualSense controller, this can still function properly.

How to Play PS5 on Mobile

how to play PS5 games on mobile
image credit : playstation.com

First, you have to download an application, be it Android or iOS, the app is named PS Remote Play. For convenience, you can download it via the following link.

  • After installing the app, turn on the PS5 and click on the gear-shaped settings at the top.
  • Then Open ‘System‘ and enter ‘ remote use’
  • Click ‘ Enable remote use ‘, then sync phone with PS5 via internet and access streaming screen.
  • In order to ‘wake up‘ console from outside your home, open ‘power saving‘, insert ‘Turn on power on your PS5 from network‘ and check the option ‘ Turn on power on your PS5 from network ‘. Make sure to put the console to sleep before you leave if you’re going to be playing from your phone.
  • Click ‘Device link‘. In this section the user may need an eight-digit code that will appear.
  • Now open the PS Remote Play app on your phone and sign in with your PSN account.
  • Choose to connect to PS5. The application will search the console on the internet. If it can’t find it (most likely) the app will ask you to enter the eight-digit code that appears in the options’Pair devices‘ on PS5.
  • Once the PS Remote finds the PS5, your phone will display the streaming screen. You can play with a virtual controller, though it’s best to link Dual Sense to your phone for more comfortable playing. To do this, press and hold the ‘Share’ button (left) and the PS button until the control light flashes; search your phone’s Bluetooth connection for a new game controller; click on it and the remote will sync with the phone.

Please note, the PS Remote Play application can also be connected to the PS4, because this application was created at the time when the PS4 was circulating, but at that time only Sony smartphones could run it. Now Android and iOS phones can easily install and connect PS5 with mobile phones, so users can use it anywhere, even if the PS5 is quite far from the cellphone.

Make sure the internet connection is stable to get the sensation of playing PS5 games on your cellphone smoothly.

In addition, to be able to play console games on your cellphone, make sure the games you want to play are already installed on your PS device. It should be noted, not all games can be compatible with the PS Remote Play application.

The final word

How, do you already understand how to play PS5 games on your cellphone? If you have tried it, try to give feedback whether there are problems or not.

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