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How to Pay IndiHome Through Bank BRI Easy and Fast

How to Pay IndiHome Through BRI Bank – In the current digitalization era, there are many conveniences that can be obtained. The reason is enough to use a mobile phone, you can already hold all the necessities. Starting from shopping, traveling, and paying electricity bills to Wi-Fi bills.

In paying for Wi-Fi bills, you who subscribe to IndiHome usually make payments manually. However, IndiHome opens online and ATM payment services. One of these conveniences can also be felt by IndiHome customers who are BRI customers.

Are you a BRI customer who subscribes to IndiHome?. If yes, you can rest easy because IndiHome provides various easy ways to make Indihome payments via mobile banking or directly to the nearest BRI ATM. Want to know how? Let’s look at the following instructions:

Checking IndiHome Bills Online

How to Pay IndiHome Through BRI Bank

Before you make IndiHome bill payments through BRI Bank. Make sure to know how many bills IndiHome charges for your internet usage. Check IndiHome bills easily via your cellphone. Here’s the procedure:

  • Open the official IndiHome website through your cellphone via https://indihome.id.
  • Then click the person icon in the upper right corner then select the my IndiHome profile menu.
  • Press the Billing menu.
  • Log In via your email and just enter your password.
  • After logging in to the account, then select the Next menu and enter the OTP code sent by IndiHome to your number and press Next.
  • After logging in, your profile page will appear as well as your service number. There you will see how much your bill is for this month.

Details on how to pay for IndiHome via BRI Bank

How to Pay IndiHome via BRI ATM

After knowing how many bills you have to pay, then you can pay IndiHome bills through BRI ATMs.

There are several steps that must be taken by you as a BRI ATM holder to pay IndiHome bills. Among others are :

  • Make sure to go to the nearest ATM from your house that has the BRI logo.
  • Insert the ATM card into the BRI ATM machine and type your PIN.
  • Then go to the menu and select payment, then select Telkom.
  • Enter your area code + phone number. For example :Phone payment / INDIHOME : 0215215113 / 02170603551 or Internet payment / UseeTV / INDIHOME : 12861200225.
  • Carefully check the number you entered, if it matches then select True.
  • Then select Yes until the payment is complete.
  • Transaction has been completed

How to Pay IndiHome Through BRI Internet Banking

For those of you who have internet banking, you can perform the IndiHome bill payment procedure with the following flow:

  • Open the BRI internet banking site by accessing https://ib.bri.co.id/.
  • Then enter your user ID, PIN and click Log In.
  • Select the payment menu that appears on the phone screen.
  • Then select the phone menu.
  • Fill in the source of the account, enter the name of the billing area code and fill in your phone number.
  • Select submit.
  • Wait until the detailed Indihome billing information appears on the screen.
  • Enter the PIN and m-Token from the SMS.
  • Then click Confirm and the transaction is complete

How to Register Internet Banking Through a Branch Office

For those of you who don’t have internet banking and still want to make payments via internet banking, then don’t worry. Because, you can register for Internet banking through BRI branch offices. The steps are as follows:

  • First, go to the nearest BRI Bank branch office with some requirements such as a passbook, ATM card and ID card. But before that, make sure your phone number and email are active.
  • If you have arrived at the branch office, just enter and wait for the queue. Later you will be asked to fill out the BRI Internet Banking registration form. After that, do the activation.
  • Wait for CS to process the BRI Internet Banking list application process until CS asks you to choose to buy m-Token BRI tokens.
  • After purchasing the BRI m-Token and your m-Token is active, you can use Internet banking by performing various activities such as checking balances, transferring, and paying IndiHome bills.

How to Pay IndiHome Bills Through BRI Mobile Banking

For BRI customers who already have mobile banking, they can make payments through the mobile banking. The steps are as follows:

  • First, first download the mobile banking application from the playstore. Make sure the data connection you are using is smooth.
  • Next, log in to BRI Mobile and select internet banking.
  • Log in to your account. If it is not available, register by going to the nearest bank and activating mobile banking.
  • After logging in, select the payment menu, then select phone.
  • After that, enter the area code and IndiHome ID.
  • The next step is to enter the PIN and select send.
  • Wait for the payment receipt to appear on your phone screen. After it appears, save the receipt as proof that the IndiHome bill payment has been successfully made.

How to Pay IndiHome via Other Banks:

Benefits of Making IndiHome Payments Through BRI Mobile Banking

How to Pay IndiHome Through BRI Bank

By paying IndiHome bills through mobile banking, you no longer need to queue at ATMs or banks. In addition, making payments via mobile banking will not interfere with your activities.

Another advantage of making IndiHome payments via Mobile Banking is the time savings. It’s enough to do it from home without having to go to the bank or go to an ATM machine.

In addition, the security side is also more secure and guaranteed considering that mobile banking has multiple security features ranging from verification codes, PINs, and other security systems originating from banks.

Questions and answers

What If We Don’t Pay IndiHome Bills?

When you do not pay your IndiHome bill until the end of the payment period on the 20th of each month, then on the 21st until the end of the month, IndiHome will impose a penalty in the form of a fine of 5% or a minimum of 5000 rupiah as a service fee bill.

Can IndiHome Usage Be Temporarily Disabled?

When you really don’t want to use the IndiHome service for a certain period of time, you can temporarily disable the IndiHome service.

Where Can We Use IndiHome?

IndiHome provides various services that will make it easier for users to access the internet smoothly and safely. For you IndiHome Triple Play customers, you can use and enjoy IndiHome services anywhere. Therefore, make sure you choose the right package for your needs.

The final word

That’s the information about how to pay for Indihome through the BRI bank that I can share in this article. Hopefully you will have no more trouble making payments through the services provided by Bank BRI after reading this review.

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