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How to Overcome Windows 10 Black Screen

Windows 10 Black Screen users complain a lot about the OS made by Microsoft, it’s not impossible that friends of this OS user could be affected by the same problem, for that we will review how to overcome the Black Screen Windows 10, hopefully the steps we describe will be useful for you.

If suddenly your Windows 10 has a black screen, don’t panic and take it to a repairman, but you can immediately follow the first few steps to fix it yourself.

How to solve Black Screen in Windows 10

If Windows experiences a black blank display of course there is a cause, so to overcome this we need to know what causes Windows to become an error and display a black screen. Here we summarize some of the causes of black screens and how to overcome them:

Refresh Rate Monitor Has Bug

Black Screen can be caused by a monitor refresh rate bug, so usually these bugs exist when you close a game or application that is opened in full screen, this can happen when the connection with the display suddenly disconnects.

The fix is ​​quite easy, you can restart the graphic driver by using the shortcut keys, it can detect and reconnect the disconnected display. The trick is to press the shortcut key combination Win Key + Ctrl + B and Shortcut Win Key Ctrl B. After that, wait a while without pressing any key, if successful, the screen will appear again as normal.

Try Uninstalling All Unnecessary Devices

Laptops or PCs will usually be associated with other devices such as printers, bluetooth cameras and so on, so these devices also indirectly make Windows load heavy and cause Black Screen.

The solution, please buddy, to release all devices connected to a laptop or PC, especially if the device is connected using a USB port.

Reinstall Graphic Driver

One of the causes of the black screen in Windows 10 is a problematic graphics driver, the solution is to reinstall the graphics driver. The best way to reinstall my friend can be through safe mode. The method is as follows:

  1. Open Device Manager, to make it easier to use the Windows + X key combination
  2. Then click Device Adapter and right click on driver option
  3. Then click Uninstall
  4. then Restart the PC or laptop and Windows 10 will automatically install the graphics driver when connected to the internet.
Uninstall Driver

Uninstall Windows 10 Updates

Not all updates go well, of course, these updates may not be compatible with the laptop device you have, so it could be that the latest update causes crashes or bugs that cause Windows 10 to turn black screen. If this happens, you can uninstall updates on Windows 10. The trick is as follows:

  • Please, my friend, enter the Windows Control Panel and select Programs and Features, if you are confused about finding the Control Panel, please type it in your laptop search, OK?
  • Then click the View Installed Update menu and select the latest update
The latest update is at the top, you can see it on the update date on the right
  • And select the latest Windows update then click uninstall after that restart
  • Attention: If you use a dedicated VGA, you must install it manually by using the VCD provided when purchasing the VGA, or you can download it through the official website of the VGA.

Clean Bot Manual

Furthermore, you can do a clean bot manually, because this way you can find out the cause of the black screen that occurs, so you can try the method below:

  • open the window RUN, the easy way is to press the button Windows + R
  • Enter keyword msconfig and click OK
  • Buddy will enter the System Configuration window, then select the tab Services
  • Then check the option Hide All Microsoft Services and select Disable All then OK
  • Next open Task Manager, select tab Startup and disable all existing startup programs
  • Next restart your PC or laptop to normal mode
  • Later the PC or laptop will enter into clean boot mode automatically
  • Then turn on one of the services that were previously disabled and restart again
  • You can repeat the method above if the problem still occurs.

Try Using Another Monitor

How to solve Black Screen in Windows 10

If you use a laptop, the Black Screen Window can also be caused by damage to the monitor, so you can try using another monitor in good condition.

But usually if the monitor is damaged, from the start the laptop is turned on, the monitor does not display the slightest image even when entering the bios.

If changing the monitor is still having problems, try using another HDMI cable, or you can try moving the HDMI, DVI, VGA or other available ports. This aims to find out which part is the cause of the black screen problem.

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Direct to Service Center

If you have tried the steps on how to overcome the Windows 10 Black Screen above but there is still no improvement, you should take your device to a special laptop service place according to your respective laptop brand. Because if there is a problem from the laptop side, it must be handed over to the experts.

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