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How to Overcome an Unreadable HP USB

The computer from the beginning of its appearance until now is still a much-needed device. The current generation of computers can be said to be very sophisticated because today’s computers can contain ‘anything’ information and are connected to anything via cable or wireless (without cables). But sometimes the problems that we often encounter both from the previous generation until now are problems about USB, USB that is not read or recognized, for example.

We can say that this problem is not a trivial problem, because the USB feature itself is an important role for computers to connect or connect to several kinds of important devices, including Android phones.

Android USB connection not read on computer

But as in general, every problem must have a solution, so for those of you who are experiencing this problem, don’t worry! We have several ways to solve the USB unreadable problem especially for you. Interested? Read on and make sure to follow in detail?

Change android settings to MTP mode

Well the problem usually occurs on some cellphones. When my friend connects the cellphone to the PC, the USB will be in charging mode in initial or default mode. This makes the PC or Laptop unable to read the connected device. To overcome that, my friend can change the settings when the USB prefix is ​​connected, how do you do that?

  • Plug the USB back into the PC / Laptop
  • Look at the menu in the cellphone window, select the USB image and an option like this will appear later

Now if you want to transfer or receive files, you can select the “File Transfer” option, and if you want to choose something else, there are several options. Please, my friend, choose.

If the method above doesn’t work, follow the next method, namely:

Enable USB Debugging

USB Debugging can be said to be like administrator access on a cellphone. This method is actually quite unknown to many people, but from some people’s comments this method can help an unreadable USB on Windows to be readable. Please try my friend first, here’s how:

  • Friend please go Settings or Settings MOBILE PHONE.
  • If you have, buddy, go to About HP / About HP.
  • Next search Form Number.
  • Finally, you have to press repeatedly until the message “You have become a developer” appears.

Oh yes, this mode is available on all android phone models. If it doesn’t work, please follow the next method below, namely:

Re-flash HP

Flashing itself is a process that is intended to replace a damaged or old Android cellphone system with a system that is still normal or the latest. Well, maybe your system is experiencing a bug or error so that the USB is not readable. But Flashing itself must use a laptop or PC. How to?

But before that, flashing on the cellphone itself has different ways depending on the brand of the cellphone because of the differences in the system at each provider.

Well, the general way is that you can find out through Youtube or Blogs. Because there are various ways of flashing from each cellphone. We suggest that you can search for it on YouTube, because it’s easier if it is explained with a video so that we can know step by step clearly. You can search for it with the keyword “How to Flash a cellphone (friend’s cellphone brand)”, for example “How to Flash a Totally Dead Samsung cellphone”‘

Replace the USB with a new one

Well, maybe it’s your cellphone’s USB that is damaged, usually there is a disconnected cable or damaged connector. So we suggest you buy an original data cable so you can solve this problem. In addition to being strong, the original data cable can also add some transfer features, because some Android data cables can only be used for charging mode.

Solving Computer USB Unreadable

In addition to the cellphone, you also have to check if it turns out that the USB on your PC or laptop is damaged. For that, you can see each step below.

Clean USB Port

If the HP USB is unreadable, maybe your port is dirty, filled with dust and dirt, making the device unreadable. Make sure you check first and clean it using a small brush or you can use a cotton bud, but don’t use even a little water because it’s feared that it will add to the problem. Make sure your friend also cleans the USB connector from the flash or data cable too, maybe both of them are also infested with dirt. But if it’s still not resolved, my friend, please see the next method below.

Update Device Manager

The next way, including if you face the problem of HP usb not being detected on Windows 10, is by updating the device manager, how do you do it?

  • First open the search tool / search, then search Device Manager
android usb connection not read on computer
  • Next select Universal Serial Bus controllers at the bottom, then click.
hp usb not read
  • Then right click Device, and select Properties
  • Later at the top there are options Driver, my friend select and click right away.
  • Final Driver Updates and wait a while, don’t close it!
hp usb not detected in windows 10

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But if that method doesn’t work either, we have several other ways for you, please see below!

Turn off Fast Startup

Now the Fast Startup feature can make Windows 10 my friend has trouble reading the flash or usb cellphone so it is not detected.

It’s really easy to disable it.

  • Please, my friend, open the Control Panel from the Windows menu,
hp not read on laptop
  • then select the Hardware and Sound option, then my friend click the Power Options option.
  • Then next in the list of options on the far left, find and click “Choose what the power button do”.
android usb not read
  • then my friend click on the option “Change settings that are currently available”.
android usb can't connect to pc
  • Then Look for the Fast Startup option and click Turn Off or until the check mark disappears. then my friend click Save changes to save the changes, and finally restart your PC!
android usb storage not detected

if the USB connection is still unreadable on the computer, consider another way, namely by using

Uninstall Flashdisk

If you have tried to update the driver or other methods above but that doesn’t work, you can fix the unreadable flash drive by uninstalling the device. How to?

The method

  • Buddy, unplug the flash drive from your PC or laptop then press Windows key + X and select the Device Manager option from the list.
  • Next, when the Device Manager opens, my friend, please click the Disk drives option in the list and look for your flash device.
  • Then please right-click and select the Uninstall Device option. Now if the driver is successfully uninstalled, restart your PC or laptop, buddy!
  • Finally, if it is lit, try connecting your flash drive to the USB port.

If it can’t be resolved too, we have another way, namely by

Uninstall Hidden Devices

Well sometimes unreadable devices can be hidden in Device Manager.

How to uninstall it?

  • First, my friend, try to open Windows and search Device Manager on the search tool / search
hp not read on pc
  • If you are logged in, my friend selects the View tab above.
hp usb not detected on laptop
  • Next, friends, please click Show Hidden Devices,
  • Later, various hidden devices will come out, then my friend selects the uninstall device that you want to delete / uninstall.
  • Finished.

Bring it to the Service

Now the last way, if the methods above don’t work or don’t work, you should take it to a service provider, maybe the components in your USB port are damaged.

But before that, don’t be in a hurry to take it to a service provider, make sure you also check your flash drive first, maybe the USB flash connector that is experiencing problems is damaged, not the USB port on your laptop or PC.

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The final word

Well maybe the discussion above is some of the best ways to deal with usb android phones or usb computers / laptops that we can give to friends, but if you have other ways, don’t forget to tell us all through the comments column below. Thank you and good luck! ?

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