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How to Overcome HP Cameras That Don't Work Even Lost

Currently, almost all cellphones, whether it’s Android, iPhone, or Windows, are equipped with cameras to support user activities. The average mobile phone of the current generation already has a large resolution and is close to perfect. The camera itself serves to take pictures or a moving event (video). But what if your camera doesn’t work or can’t be used? If you are in this problem maybe this discussion is the answer! So, see how to fix a cellphone camera that doesn’t work in this discussion!

HP Camera Not Working

the cause of the cellphone camera not working

We need to know, there are several causes for the camera problem that cannot be used on a cellphone, as for the possible causes, namely;

  • Camera app error; usually there is a lot of garbage so the camera performance is so slow it doesn’t even work at all
  • Bug on Mobile system; Well, this problem is usually a friend’s cellphone system that hasn’t been updated, aka it’s still old school
  • Damage to camera components; this happens can be caused by several causes such as due to a hard impact on your friend’s cellphone, cellphone that enters water so that a short circuit occurs, and so on

Actually there are still many causes, but on average the above problems are experienced by some Android HP users, so we try to review the three problems. The following is How to fix the rear and front camera of an Android phone that can’t be used or not working or even lost.

Force Close and Clear Data

cellphone camera not working

The first way is to find the earliest to solve the camera that can’t be used. Force close itself means to force stop and delete data is to clear cache and trash, here’s how.

  1. Open menu “Settings” on your cellphone, by pressing the gear icon.
  2. If so, then select “Additional Settings > Application Management“.
  3. Then next buddy look for the Camera application with the word “Cameras”
  4. If you have found a friend, you can press the option “Forced stop” or “Force Close”, then click the option “Clear Data“.

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Restart or Reboot HP

how to fix android rear camera

The second way is that you can restart your cellphone, by restarting your cellphone, it’s the same as refreshing your cellphone’s system performance, you know! We’re sure you already know all about how to restart, but if you haven’t, we’ll tell you that by pressing Power button on the side of the cellphone for a long time -> Click Restart / Reboot -> wait Until 5-10 minutes in the off state -> turn on the cellphone again -> Open Camera.

Did it work? If it doesn’t work, let’s read the next step below, buddy!

Download Camera App

how to get back a lost rear camera

If the above method still doesn’t work, then we recommend that you try the next method, namely by installing a third-party application or camera application. It can also help you if you want to restore a lost rear camera, but it does not restore the default application, but uses a third-party camera application.

Don’t get me wrong, even though the camera is the default application of every cellphone, it turns out that the camera application is also available on the Play Store! Buddy can download and install the camera application through the Google Play Store by entering the keyword “Camera apps“Well later will find various applications. We recommend that you choose the application “Open Camera” or you can click here. Or if you want to use the Google Camera Mod application, you can use Gcam, we have made a way to install gcam for various types of Android phones in this article.

Android System Update

fix camera

If the above method doesn’t work, you can also try updating your Android system. Well usually many of us are reluctant to update the system because it is considered not too important. But don’t get me wrong! Application updates are very useful for adding and improving machine performance on your cellphone! In addition, updates usually include security system updates. Here’s how;

  1. open Settings or Settings on your cell phone.
  2. Scroll down and find the menu About Phone then click.
  3. Well, if a system update is available, please download and update it, buddy!

Reset or Factory Reset

how to fix camera error

Now this is the most extreme way if other methods don’t work, but what you need to pay attention to before doing it, you should backup all important data on your cellphone.

Factory reset means that the system on your cellphone will be set like when you first bought the cellphone. Later all the data on your cellphone will disappear, make sure you backup all important data and if needed. Here’s how;

  • Entered into Settings or you can click the gear icon on your cellphone
  • Scroll down, then tap Additional Settings.
how to fix camera error
  • Then tap Backup & reset.
how to fix android camera
  • Then tap Factory reset.
how to fix cellphone camera

By restoring the factory settings, of course, one way to restore the lost rear camera.

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Under HP to Service

android camera not working
how to fix android rear camera

The latter is a very, very important method if something unexpected happens to the cellphone you are using, and this is the most effective way and the last option if the above methods don’t work on your cellphone. We recommend that you go to the official store, for example, your cellphone is Samsung, you can go to the Samsung store service directly, as well as other HP brands such as Xiaomi, LG, Realme, Oppo, Vivo and so on. What for?

Because the official store understands very well about the HP system they make, security can also be guaranteed and also if your cellphone still has a warranty, you can service it for free with that warranty. It’s obvious isn’t it?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

the question why the cellphone camera is not working
HP Camera Still Not Working, Even After Installing Additional Applications. The solution?

Answer: Most likely there is a system bug on your cellphone, as explained above, you can factory reset your cellphone so that the system returns to its original state. Or if you are not sure, you can check with the official HP service.

Why When I Open The Camera Often Force Close?

Answer: In some cases, the camera is often found that suddenly comes out by itself. This is usually caused because the device’s RAM memory is full. Make sure you don’t open other applications while opening the camera, so that RAM works more optimally.

The results of the shots on my cellphone camera are bad / blurry, even though they have high megapixels, why is it like that?

Answer: The clarity and sharpness of the photo is more or less influenced by the megapixels, but the size of the megapixels is not only due to the size of the megapixels. For good shots, of course, smooth shots are supported by a good and latest processor, camera settings such as ISO, shooting techniques, and other supporting features. So it’s not uncommon to find cellphones that have large megapixels, but the shots look normal. So make sure you see photography tips often.

The final word

Well maybe the discussion above is how to fix a cellphone camera that doesn’t work. However, we strongly emphasize that you follow the steps in that order, because they are arranged based on the level of success. But if you choose the last method directly or the unsorted method, it doesn’t matter too, it’s up to you.

If you have another way, let us all know in the comments below! Good luck!

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