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How to Overcome Google Play Store Loading Continuously

My friend’s play store currently can’t be opened because of continuous loading? Even though you need to download an application? If so, that’s great! This article will discuss how to solve the Google Play Store loading continuously, maybe it can help you!

Play store is a very important platform on android phones, play store contains millions of applications that can be downloaded by users, also users can upload or sell applications through the play store. But sometimes, of the many features that the Play Store offers, there are still many problems that make it difficult for users to access them. For example, the play store can’t be opened, can’t download, keeps loading, and many others.

Now to overcome the play store that is loading continuously, we will provide a solution that you can follow that will most likely work. Here’s the review!

Overcoming Play Store Loading Continues

1. Clear Play Store Cache & Data

How to Overcome Google Play Store Loading Continuously

The first way if you have trouble accessing the Play Store is to clear the cache and data of the Play Store. this method is very effective in our opinion, because this action will refresh the application like from the beginning. How to clear cache and clear data?

  • First, please open Settings or Settings on your device or cellphone.
  • If so, select “Apps & notifications” or “System Apps” and select “See all apps.”
  • Here you can scroll down, then tap on Google Play Store.
  • Next, please tap “Storage” then click the “Clear Cache” button
  • If you have cleared the cache, you can clear the data by pressing the “Clear data” button.
  • Finally, try my friend to reopen the Play Store to check it.

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2. Ensuring a Strong Internet or Wifi Network.

How to Overcome Google Play Store Loading Continuously

Sometimes this trivial problem can trigger the play store that can’t be opened or loading continuously. Usually a weak network will make the Play Store keep loading. Please friends make sure your internet is running well or not. You can test internet speed, you can try opening a browser, you can try another hotspot or wifi, or open another online application, if it doesn’t work on other applications, yup, that means your internet has a problem.

3. Disabling VPN

How to Overcome Google Play Store Loading Continuously

The next way to solve the play store that can’t be opened is to disable the VPN. Sometimes many users who after using a VPN forget to turn off the VPN again. This can prevent users from accessing certain platforms.

If indeed my friend still interrupts the wifi, immediately my friend can turn off the VPN buddy first, then my friend please re-open the play store. Now if it’s open, try downloading a certain application to check whether the Google Play Store is running well or not.

4. Reboot / Restart Mobile

The next thing you can try if the google play store is still loading and can’t open is that you can reboot or restart your cellphone. Rebooting a cellphone or device can provide ‘relief’ to the cellphone system, because rebooting itself is like a system that is tired of working and then being ‘put to sleep’ first to make system performance run well and return to normal.

To reboot the cellphone, you can long press the power button, then several options will appear, you can choose restart or reboot and wait for the cellphone to come back to life. If it is alive, please open the Play Store application, is it running well or is it still loading continuously.

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5. Creating a New Google Account

How to Overcome Google Play Store Loading Continuously

The next way if your friend’s play store is still loading continuously is that you can try to create a new google account. Sometimes our google account can experience problems, so that it can make it difficult for users to access some things. Like accessing the play store. Please, friends, create a new Google account. How to?

  • First, please go to the Google Account Creation Page, or you can click here
  • Next, you can enter your name.
  • In the “Username” field, enter the username you want to use Account buddy.
  • Then you can enter and confirm your password.
  • Then please verify your mobile number with the code sent via SMS.

Please, my friend, login with a new account, and try to open the play store to check it.

6. Update Mobile System

How to Overcome Google Play Store Loading Continuously

The next way if you are still experiencing the Play Store that keeps loading is to update your mobile system. updating the system can be very helpful, later the latest system can overcome the bugs that often appear, remove viruses, improve the level of data security, and so on.

Therefore, if your cellphone has not been updated, please update it first. And if it has been updated, you can open the play store and check whether it is still loading continuously or is it running as usual.

7. Factory Reset

The last, most extreme but surefire way is to factory reset your cellphone. factory reset means making the system as it was when you first bought this device, aka returning to the original or original system.

To factory reset or reset your own cellphone, the method is slightly different for each device or cellphone. You can search for it via google or youtube according to the brand and type of your android phone.

Notes: We don’t recommend the last way which is factory reset. Because this can erase all data stored on the device. To be more secure, before doing a reset or factory reset, it would be nice to backup the data first so that the data remains safe and not permanently deleted.

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The final word

Yup, the discussion above is how to overcome the Google Play Store Loading continuously or other problems related to the play store. You can follow this method easily.

Good luck and good luck! ?

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