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How to Overcome Android Touchscreen Moving Alone

Buddy annoyed with the HP screen because it has problems with the HP touchscreen moving on its own? But my friend confused how to solve it? Calm down, here we will share tips and how to overcome the Android touchscreen that moves on its own.

Smartphones have indeed become items that really help us. With a smartphone, it feels like the world is in your hands and all you have to do is swipe the screen to find out information in various parts of the world.

Now with this HP device, we can be helped to support our daily activities, such as for work, for school or college, for business activities, organizations, and others.

Indeed, we are lucky to live in this era, because now in various devices including HP, it has been inserted with high technology. Today’s cellphones are supported by sophisticated and powerful mechanisms, including for screen quality.

Maybe at the beginning of the launch of smartphones, we often complain that the screen on the smartphone is easy to crack or break due to slamming or falling. However, currently many smartphone vendors have supported the screens in their products with strong quality and innovation so that HP screens tend to be stronger and not easily broken even if they fall from a few meters.

However, the name of the device is not always perfect, sometimes users complain of problems with the HP screen that error or move on its own even though the touchscreen is not cracked or broken. This will be a big question for my friend right?

How to Fix Touchscreen that Moves Alone?

So that your HP Touchscreen doesn’t move on its own, you can follow and apply the tips that we’ve summarized from the experiences of users who have had problems like this. Here’s how to deal with the Android touchscreen moving on its own:

Changing Charger

How to Overcome Android Touchscreen Moving Alone
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This is quite trivial and many users ignore. In fact, the charger has different versions and currents for each device. Therefore, if there is a mismatch (not compatible), it will affect the cellphone itself. Such as the disruption of the touchscreen.

If you realize that all this time you have always used a charger that is not original or has a different version, then your cellphone is most likely experiencing problems ghost touch or the screen moves on its own due to a faulty or unsuitable charger.

Please, my friend, to immediately replace it with a new charger, we recommend that you use the original charger so you don’t get similar complaints later.

Check Screen Protector (Tempered Glass)

How to Overcome Android Touchscreen Moving Alone
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For those of you who are still using tempered glass or a screen protector made of glass or hard plastic and then experience a touchscreen that moves on its own, you can check whether any part of the tempered glass is cracked or broken. This is not realized by users.

Because a screen protector that is no longer suitable for use can affect the touch of the screen more or less. Therefore, please check and if you can, release it first to make sure in more detail.

Update firmware on smartphone

How to Overcome Android Touchscreen Moving Alone
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Another tip for dealing with a touchscreen that moves on its own is that you can update the firmware. For those of you who don’t know, Firmware in Indonesian is often referred to as firmware. The term itself refers to software that is stored in read-only storage that cannot be changed when not powered by electricity.

Firmware consists of computer programs that provide low-level control of a piece of hardware. That is, this firmware is like embedded in each hardware unit, such as in the mechanics of HP.

Well indeed some users often ignore firmware updates on their cellphones. In fact, if the update is not carried out immediately, sooner or later it will affect performance system MOBILE PHONE.

Like one of them experienced ghost touch or touch screen move alone. So, if smartphone you the screen moves on its own without being touched. So, so that bugs and errors in the system can be resolved, please try to downloadupdates or update firmware. Most likely, the smartphone screen can work as before.

Deactivating Options force GPU rendering

Another way to overcome the touchscreen that moves on its own is to try Turn off force GPU rendering. Indeed, most users rarely understand and realize this.

Well force GPU rendering usually already activated when you first bought the smartphone. This mode is like developer mode. Then my friend can disable it by turning on the USB debugging when connecting smartphone to PC. Now, when UBB debugging is turned on, you can choose an option force gpu rendering then please disable it.

Calibrate touch screen

How to Overcome Android Touchscreen Moving Alone

The next way to overcome the touchscreen that moves itself is that you can calibrate your cellphone screen. Calibration itself is an activity carried out to check or check related to the screen, and identify whether the touch screen is in good condition or error. Now this method is quite successful to make the touchscreen more responsive and does not move on its own.

Usually on every cell phone has a feature for calibration. If you find this feature, you can download the calibration application that is scattered on the Google Play Store. We recommend the Touchscreen Calibration app here > Download

Factory Reset

How to Overcome Android Touchscreen Moving Alone
image by freepik

Now another option to overcome the screen that moves on its own is to do a factory reset or better known as a factory reset. Of course this can be a solution that will most likely work (but we can’t guarantee).

The reason is that with a factory reset, your device will return to the way it was when you first started using it. Well, we ourselves highly recommend that you can back up important data on your device. Because when a factory reset later, data including photos, videos, and installed applications will be deleted in the HP internal storage.

With a factory reset, the system on your cellphone will be refreshed and will probably fix the screen that moves on its own

Consultation to the Authorized Service Center

How to Overcome Android Touchscreen Moving Alone
image by freepik

The last and most powerful option is to consult an official HP service. Well, if you have tried all the methods but to no avail, you can take it to an official service center according to the brand of your device. Why do we highly recommend friends to bring service according to the brand or version of your cellphone?

Because the mechanics or the people who work there already know very well about the ‘daleman’ of the device. With that, the location of the damage will be easily detected. So that your screen will be normal and not move on its own.

Because apart from that, the official service can also be said to be safer. But if you want to take it to a regular repairman, it’s also not a problem, as long as you trust it.

The final word

How? The tips and ways to deal with the Android touchscreen that moves on its own that we share are clear enough, right? Please follow me guys! Hope it helps and Good luck!

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