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How to Open a Bukopin KB Bank Savings Account

How to Open a Bukopin KB Bank Savings Account – The various types and savings products that are increasingly appearing with the latest innovations today are increasingly helping the community in regulating the governance and direction of their savings goals. Thus, competition between one company and other banking companies is increasingly competitive.

Call it one of the banks that also recently changed its name, namely from the name Bank Bukopin to Bank KB Bukopin. The news of the change of name was also colored by the presence of a new account opening prize, namely a BTS poster. Of course, this is one of the tricks to attract millennials to save at a bank that has existed since 1970.

But of course, that’s not the only advantage you can get from Bank KB Bukopin. For more details, here is a review on how to open a savings account at Bank KB Bukopinbagi and other important things related to the bank.

KB Bukopin at a Glance

How to Open a Bukopin KB Bank Savings Account

PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk, previously known as PT Bank Bukopin Tbk, has been active in Indonesia since 1970. However, previously, this bank has also experienced a name change, where at the beginning the name of this bank was Bank Umum Koperasi Indonesia. It was only in 1989 that this bank operated under the name Bank Bukopin. This banking company is one of the middle class private banks in Indonesia whose business focuses on 4 core sectors, namely SME, micro, consumer and commercial.

As the name implies at the beginning of its emergence, the bank, which was formerly known as the Indonesian Cooperative Commercial Bank, was indeed focusing on the MSMEK segment and competing in the asset sector as one of the middle class banks. With the wider opportunity and ability to serve the needs of the wider community, in the end this bank chose to participate in expanding its business wing to the commercial and consumer segments.

Currently, Bank KB Bukopin is not only engaged in conventional banking services, but also supports the concept of Islamic banking. With an optimal fund management system, human resource competence and good corporate governance practices, as well as reliable information technology, Bank KB Bukopin is able to be positioned as one of the advanced and credible banks.

The recent name change is on the basis of a form of company rebranding. Where as much as 67 percent of the shares of this banking company have been taken over by South Korean bank KB Kookmin Bank. However, even so, customers will still experience the same nuances of service, as well as opening a savings account at the Bukopin KB bank, which is still the same as usual.

Bank KB Bukopin’s Featured Products

When it comes to savings products from Bank KB Bukopin, there are various savings options that you can actually choose from, ranging from savings for individuals and business/business entities, for students, retirees, to premium savings whose initial deposit can reach IDR 10 million. . But apart from that, there are several excellent products from this bank that are quite important for you to know, especially for those of you who are interested in becoming customers. Before looking at how to open a savings account at Bank KB Bukopin, here are some excellent savings products from this bank that can be used as a reference:

iB Si Alert Savings

This savings for individuals is a savings that is suitable for those of you who often carry out daily transaction activities. Like other general banking savings, this savings provides ATM facilities that can be used for transfer transactions, withdraw money, and pay bills. Initial deposit includes quite light, which is only Rp. 50 thousand. One of the advantages of this Bukopin bank savings product is that you don’t have to pay monthly administration fees. But even so, you can still enjoy the insurance features.

Sharia Simple Savings

Besides being sharia-based, this savings is a savings that is specifically for the children segment or for those who are still students. Of course, the presence of this savings is an opportunity for parents to teach their children to save, plus a simple sharia concept so that children will not be so confused when managing their own savings.

To create this account, the documents needed are also quite simple. You only need to prepare an ID card as the parent of the child as well as be equipped with a family card or child’s student card if any. By opening a simple Bukopin KB savings account, children can get their own passbook and ATM card.

Sharia Hajj Savings

Not only the sharia concept which is the advantage of this bank, unmitigated, this Bukopin KB bank also provides special savings for those of you who are planning to go for Hajj. The initial deposit for this savings account is quite large, which is IDR 500 thousand. However, this amount is certainly a reasonable amount because the purpose of opening the savings account is to perform the pilgrimage, where your balance must also reach up to IDR 25 million. towards the Hajj registration while waiting for the amount to be sufficient to pay the remaining balance.

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How to Open a Bukopin KB Bank Savings Account

How to Open a Bukopin KB Bank Savings Account

After knowing at a glance about this Bukopin KB bank, as well as some of its superior savings products, then maybe it’s time for you to learn how to open a Bukopin KB Bank savings account to become a customer if interested. However, if you still need more considerations, especially regarding references to other types of savings, then you can look for them in various sources on the internet today.

The method of opening a savings account at Bank KB Bukopin is very easy, not much different from other banks in general. However, because opening a savings account at this bank is still generally done conventionally, then you must be willing to visit the nearest branch office in your area. For more details, here are the steps for opening a savings account at KB Bukopin bank:

  1. Please visit the nearest Bukopin KB branch office in your area of ​​residence.
  2. Before leaving, make sure you have prepared the required documents, especially an E-KTP or other identification that is still active and undamaged.
  3. Also prepare some money for the initial deposit according to the provisions of the type of savings you want to open.
  4. At the branch office, please contact the Customer Service directly by first taking the queue number and joining the queue.
  5. After it’s your turn, please convey the purpose and purpose of your visit, which is none other than opening a KB Bukopin bank savings account. At this stage, you can also directly consult with CS regarding what types of savings are suitable for your needs at that time.
  6. Next, you have to fill out a registration form which will generally consist of personal data, biological mother, to work and the purpose of opening an account.
  7. Next, just follow the next directions from CS, until the savings are ready and you have obtained facilities in the form of a savings book until an ATM card.
  8. But before that, you must make an initial deposit in accordance with the minimum applicable provisions.
  9. In addition to knowing how to open a Bukopin Bank KB savings account before registering, you must also understand that if there are no transactions in your savings account for 6 months in a row, then you may be subject to a penalty in the form of a payment of around Rp. 2 thousand per month.

Hope it is useful.

What is the website address of Bank KB Bukopin?

Do not be Wrong! Bank KB Bukopin’s web address is at www.bukopin.co.id.

What is the TLP Call Center Number for Bank KB Bukopin?

You can contact Halo KB Bukopin at Number 14005.

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