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How to Open a BRI Agroniaga Savings Account and the Benefits

How to Open a BRI Agroniaga Savings Account – Currently, who does not know Bank BRI or Bank Rakyat Indonesia. This bank with an undoubted reputation has hundreds of millions of customers and tens of thousands of real-time outlets. The numbers are certainly not small, but considering that this bank is the oldest bank in Indonesia, it is not surprising that this bank has achieved such a reputation.

Not only because of its long age, where it first appeared as a financial institution in the pre-independence era, but also because this bank is still able to maintain and continue to prove its credibility in public. Some of his efforts are by continuing to issue new service product innovations.

Regarding the name of Bank BRI, you may also often hear the name Bank BRI Agroniaga. Because the name tucked in the name of Bank BRI which we discussed earlier, this banking company must have a close relationship with Bank BRI. If you are curious, please find out through the following article about BRI Agroniaga and how to open a BRI Agroniaga savings account.

Overview of Bank BRI Agroniaga

How to Open a BRI Agroniaga Savings Account

If you talk about BRI Bank, maybe you are very familiar. However, discussing the BRI Agroniaga Bank, at first glance, the first thing that can come to our minds is about agribusiness. It is true that Bank BRI Agroniaga or often abbreviated as BRI Agro is closely related to the agribusiness sector in Indonesia. Where at the beginning of its establishment in 1989, this bank was known as Bank AGRO and was founded by the Plantation Pension Fund (Dapenbun).

In the agribusiness sector at that time, the Bank had a fairly important and strategic position in the development of the Indonesian agribusiness sector. The focus of this banking company’s service itself is on agribusiness financing. Even now, the majority of the loan portfolio from this bank, around 60%-70%, is channeled to the agribusiness sector, either on farm nor off farm.

Established by Notarial Deed Rd.Soekarsono, SH in September 1989 in Jakarta, this bank only received a business license from the Minister of Finance in December 1989, then started running its services as a commercial institution in February 1990. Only in 2011, this bank was successfully acquired by the Bank People of Indonesia or BRI. Until its peak in 2012, Bank AGRO, which is based on agribusiness sector services, officially changed its name as Bank BRI Agroniaga.

At its present age, this agribusiness company is increasingly strengthening its steps with Bank BRI to serve wholeheartedly. As a proof of its seriousness, Bank BRI Agro continues to perform excellent synergy with Bank BRI. One of them can be seen from the BRI Bank ATM service itself which can be enjoyed by all BRI Agro customers for free.

Although it has been acquired by Bank BRI, each of these companies is still running with their respective business focus. This also applies by registering to become a customer at each of these banks. How to open a savings account at Bank BRI Agroniaga and Bank BRI savings itself, of course, are also different and have their own characteristics.

However, although Bank BRI Agro has also provided complete and excellent services for customers, ranging from the Company’s savings, Time Deposits, to Current Accounts, the agribusiness sector as the initial focus of the company’s establishment remains the main pillar of its business. In addition, there are also various reward programs that are presented to customers, along with the Company’s credit facilities that can be used to develop customers’ businesses. The Company is currently supported by several office networks and services, such as 1 Operational Head Office, 16 Branch Offices, 17 Sub-Branch Offices, and 4 Cash Offices.

In addition to the various service products mentioned earlier, such as the company’s main savings, time deposits, current accounts and loans, there are many other types of services. There are also several excellent service products and are generally used by customers at this bank, some of which are:

  • Agrotama Savings
  • Infiniti Savings
  • Multima Savings
  • Student Savings (SIMPEL)
  • TabunganKu, which is also a savings product for various banks today
  • Prize Savings
  • Forex Current Account
  • Rupiah Current Account
  • Rupiah Deposit
  • Forex Deposit
  • KUR
  • And many others.

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How to Open a BRI Agroniaga Savings Account

How to Open a BRI Agroniaga Savings Account

As previously stated, despite being part of the Bank Rakyat Indonesia family, being a customer at Bank BRI Agroniaga also has its own registration procedure or procedure for opening a savings account at Bank BRI Agroniaga. Likewise with the facilities and services provided, where if Bank BRI provides BRI and BRI Mobile e-banking services to its customers, BRI Agro also provides similar services with fairly similar names, namely e-banking BRI Agro and BRI Agro Mobile.

But before knowing how to open a BRI Agroniaga savings account, you must first know the requirements that prospective customers need to meet. These conditions include:

  • Prepare identity documents, in the form of photocopies of KTP/SIM/Passport and NPWP (if any) for Indonesian citizens. As for foreigners, the documents prepared are KITAS/KITAP.
  • There are also special requirements for non-individual or institutional customers, namely in the form of a photocopy of the Deed of Establishment/Budget, along with the articles of association, SIUP, NPWP, as well as the original power of attorney accompanied by the identity documents of each manager/representative.
  • Prepare an initial deposit of IDR 100,000.

The requirements are certainly not heavy and are still generally accepted as in other banks. Then for the procedures or procedures for opening a BRI Agroniaga savings account, the steps you can take as a prospective customer are as follows:

  • Please first visit the nearest BRI Agro Work Unit in your area.
  • Visit the customer service department on duty, then convey your intention to open a savings account at this bank.
  • Next, you only need to re-prepare the existing required documents while filling out a form which will generally contain personal data, address, and work.
  • Next, you just need to follow the directions from the CS party who is responsible for your registration as a customer.
  • To get the facility in the form of an ATM card, you must make an initial deposit of IDR 100,000.
  • For various kinds of further transaction processes through this bank service, you can download the BRI Agro Mobile application on your smartphone by first registering with CS.

After knowing how to open a BRI Agroniaga savings account, so that your decision is more unanimous to register as a customer with this bank. Here are some things you might need to know about costs that will later become a burden for savings in the future:

  • Minimum Initial Deposit: Rp. 100,000,-
  • Subsequent deposit min: Rp. 25.000,-
  • Minimum balance : Rp. 50.000,-
  • Administration fee : Rp. 5,000,-
  • Account closing : Rp. 25.000,-
  • Facilities: ATM Card and Standing Instruction

This is information about how to open a BRI Agroniaga savings account and other important things related to it. Hopefully it can be additional useful information for those of you who need it.

What is Bank BRI Agroniaga?

Bank BRI Agroniaga or what is commonly called BRI Agro is a company engaged in banking that was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Jakarta. More details can be checked on wikipedia.

BRI Agroniaga Is a Subsidiary of BRI Bank?

Yes, BRI Argo is a subsidiary of Bank BRI. Please read the history of BRI Agroniaga on the official website here: https://briagro.co.id/sejarah-bri-agro/

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