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How to Merge Videos Through Android and PC Easily!

Buddy are looking for a way how to combine several videos into one video? If so, this article really might help you!

Many of the video editors create video content by combining videos so that the video results are better and more beautiful. For now, especially during a pandemic, many college assignments and office work are required to make presentations in the form of videos. For some people who are not used to editing videos, it may be difficult to combine videos. But don’t worry, here we will give you 2 ways to combine videos both through Android phones and laptops / PCs.

How to merge videos into one?

1. Merge Videos Via Android With PowerDirector App

how to merge videos

In this method, my friend will use an android application called PowerDirector. This application is a pretty good video editing application because it is filled with various tools, not just for combining videos, here you can also add filters, animation effects, music, writing, and more. Now to combine videos, here’s how:

  • First, my friend, please download the PowerDirector application via the Google Play Store, or more easily, you can click here!
  • If already installed. Please open the application.
  • Later, my friend will enter the main page, to start, please select “New Project”.
how to merge videos
  • Next, name the video project.
how to merge videos on android
  • If you have, here you can choose a video as a prefix for merging videos.
how to merge videos on android
  • If so, then to add a new video, you can click the icon that we marked in red below. The icon contains complete features, there you can add new videos, add music, animations, and so on.
how to merge videos on android
  • Now, because you want to merge videos, just select the videos you want to add or merge, then click the plus “+” icon.
video merge app
  • Yup, the video was successfully added. See the example in the picture.
video merge app
  • If you want to add other videos, the method is the same as before. You can add as many videos or photos as you want. As long as your memory is enough, hehe.
  • If it’s enough and finished, my friend can select the next icon in the upper right corner. Then select “Save to Gallery or SD Card”. In addition to being able to store in memory, you can also directly share videos via Facebook, YouTube, or other channels if you really want.
video merge app
  • Finally, if you choose “Save to Gallery or SD Card”, You can choose the video resolution first as shown below, then click the button “Produce”.
video merge app

Notes: Unfortunately, to save with Ultra HD (4K) resolution, you have to upgrade PowerDirector to the pro or paid version. Take it easy, to save to another resolution, my friend can use it for free without having to go to the pro version first. This also applies to other tools such as animation, or remove watermarks (some are free, some are paid).

  • Wait for it to finish, and the video is successfully saved to your cellphone!

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2. Merging Videos Through PC Using Adobe Premiere Pro

how to merge videos on PC computer

If you want to combine videos via PC, you can choose this method, namely using Adobe Premiere Pro Software. Maybe the name of this software is familiar to video editor circles, because this software is quite complete in its features or tools. Not only combining videos, you can also add animations, filters, music, and more. So how do you combine videos through Adobe Premiere Pro?

  • First, if you don’t have this software, you can download it through the official website https://www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html . This application or software is paid, considering that the features or tools offered are quite complex.
how to merge videos on PC computer
  • If it is already installed, please open the application and create a new project by clicking “New Project”
how to merge videos on PC computer
  • Then give the name of the project that you will create.
how to merge videos on PC computer
  • Next, here you have to create a new sequence, you can use a 48kHz widescreen DV-NTSC.
how to merge videos on PC computer
  • If you have, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 will look like this
how to merge videos on PC computer
  • Next, you can insert the first video by drag and drop from windows to the timeline. Then hover the video on the timeline of the first video.
  • If the sequence you created is different from the video that was input, a warning will appear.
how to merge videos on PC computer
  • So if something like that happens, my friend can adjust the sequence by clicking Change Sequence Settings.
  • If so, to see the results, my friend can click the play button.
  • Now to insert the second video, my friend can do the same way as the first video, namely by drag and drop then navigate to the second video. Then to see the results, you can click the play button.
  • If you want to crop a video, you just need to hover over the end of the timeline or video, then you can click and point to the left side of the video section.
how to merge videos on PC computer
  • If you want to combine other videos, the method is the same as before, just drag and drop. You can add as many videos as you want. However, if you want to edit videos with various videos loaded, of course it will be difficult to do if all videos are placed on video timeline 1 or only one timeline. You can create multiple timelines to make it easier.
  • Finished! Buddy just render the video and wait for it to finish and click save or save!

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The final word

The discussion above is how to combine videos easily via Android or PC, please follow it slowly so that the results are maximum.

Good luck! ?

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