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How to make subtitles and also translate them easily

Who of you like to watch movies? or drama? or cartoon too? Of course, films will be better and understandable if there are subtitles or subtitles, especially foreign films that use languages ​​we don’t understand. Have you ever thought about how to make subtitles? Or you are a youtuber who wants to upload the latest videos and add subtitles in other languages? If yes, this article is the answer. We will tell you how to make subtitles easily!

How to Make Subtitles Using Notepad on PC / Laptop

The first way to make subtitles is to use Notepad. Of course, in this way, you are required to set up and use a laptop or PC and the Notepad application, this software is already available in the Windows OS, yes.

  • First, open Notepad buddy or you can search on search tools with the word “Notepad”
  • Then type starting from number 1 in the first line as shown below
  • Press Enter to create a new line.
  • Now below the line number, enter the time the subtitle starts and ends in the format hours: minutes: seconds, milliseconds. For example: 00:10:45,232
  • Press Enter for a new line and enter the subtitle just below the time format.
  • Repeat in succession to continue with the next subtitle.

Now to make it more optimal and easier, make sure you make subtitles while watching the video so that the text is right at the time of speaking.

After you have finished making your own subtitles using Notepad, then save the file in .srt format and UTF-8 encoding. You can directly insert the subtitles that you made into the video by sliding them into the video file.

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Making Subtitles With the Aegisub Application

In addition to manually creating subtitles with Notepad, you can also use the PC or Laptop application, by using an application called Aegisub. How to make subtitles with Aegisub? Just take a look below,

  • First, prepare your PC or laptop, and also prepare the Aegisub application. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it from the official website http://www.aegisub.org/.
  • If it is already installed or installed, open the Aegisub application and select the option Videos > Open Videos. Select the video that you want to make subtitles for. Oh yes, make sure you include the audio from the video to make it easier to make subtitles. The trick is to click on the menu Audio > Open Audio from Video.
how to make subtitles with aegisub

Buddy can also choose the color, writing style, and size by selecting the menu subtitles then select Style Manager. Later here, my friend is free to set as he pleases.

how to make subtitles with aegisub
  • The next step is enter subtitles. So here you can write subtitles according to your needs. Please type it and adjust it to the video that will be displayed
how to make subtitles with aegisub

The method is not difficult, which one is it? audio box buddy, click at the beginning of the subtitle you want to display later right click at the end of the subtitles. After that, my friend, please write the subtitle text in the Edit Box section. Now to display two lines of text, you have to write N at the beginning of the second line of text. When finished, press enter or the button Commit to save it.

  • Next Set subtitle position, and adjusted to the duration of the video. Here you have to make sure the subtitles that come out have the right time and according to the time of speech.
how to make subtitles with aegisub

To adjust the position of the subtitles, do this by clicking Video Box then choose where the position of the subtitle text will be displayed. Make sure the duration is right!

  • The latter, save / save the subtitles that you have made, you can do this by pressing the button ctrl + s or you can choose File > Save Subtitles as…

Pretty easy isn’t it? Now you can make your own subtitles, don’t forget to check the subtitles again, after all. In order to reduce the risk of writing errors.

How to translate subtitles into Indonesian or other languages

Before ending, we have another way, namely using and translating existing subtitles into Indonesian subtitles or a language that we can choose ourselves.

How to? That is with the help of Google Translate

subtitles with google translate

  • First, search and download movie subtitles via google or something.
  • then if it’s downloaded, open the subtitle file in Notepad, then my friend copy all the contents.
  • If you have, you open Google then go to Google Translate, then translate the copy into the language you want.
  • Copy the translation again, then save it in a new Notepad window.
  • Save the file in .srt format and UTF-8 encoding.
  • Finished.

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The final word

Possible that’s an easy way to make video subtitles using a PC / Laptop that we can share with friends. If you have another way to make subtitles, it’s really okay to tell us all through the comments column below. Thank you and good luck! ?

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