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How to make a poster on a cellphone is easy, doesn't have to be complicated, it's really wort!

In the past, how to make a Poster on a cellphone was unnatural and quite difficult. Because a few years ago, there were not many applications or tools for graphic design. At most just photo editing with regular filters or effects. Now with the development of innovation, currently there are many applications such as Canva and PicsArt that can be used as a mainstay for making graphic designs even if you only have a smartphone.

Nowadays Smartphones can be relied on to cover a variety of jobs, with Smartphones, we can maximize our work, one of which is editing photos and even videos. Now smartphones are equipped with multimedia technology that is quite capable. So to make a poster on a cellphone, it seems easy to do. So for that, we will discuss how to easily make posters on HP!

How to make a poster on an Android or iOS cellphone

In general, making posters is done on a PC / laptop using software such as Photoshop or other graphic design software. This time you can make posters using only your cellphone! With smartphones, making posters also requires additional applications, actually applications that are intended for many designs you can find them easily on the Play Store. But here we will recommend an application for you to make posters easily.

Create a Poster Using the Canva App

Graphic design with various features on CANVA

Ever heard of the Canva app? The Canva application is a graphic design application that you can use to create poster designs easily via your cellphone or even through a browser with the website address canva.com, you can use the service for free very easily! How to? Check out the steps to make a poster on a cellphone using the Canva application below;

  • First, you have to install the Canva application first, for Android users, you can directly download it here Playstore, if you are an iOS user please have a look at the Apps Store. Or you can make it through a browser on canva.com but only on a PC which we will also discuss below.
  • After installing the Canva app, open the app and create an account there to be able to use the service. An easy way to create a Canva account is to log in using Facebook or via Gmail.
  • If you have, you will be redirected to the application. Canva has many features, you can create posters and even covers for youtube headers and youtube video thumbnails. Because we are going to make a poster, my friend, choose Category and select part Poster.
  • After that, select the poster template provided by Canva, between vertical posters or landscape (horizontal) posters, choose according to your needs. (See image below)
How to Make a Poster on HP
The login page and categories view of the Canva app
  • After you choose one of the templates, Canva will present a template that can be used for free. Just select it and click edit to change the poster to your liking.
How to Make Posters on Android and iOS Phones
Poster template page view in the Canva app
  • Unfortunately there are several poster editing options that require you to be a premium user, but for standard posters you can just use the free version, unless it’s really important.
  • With the free version of Canva, you can also add some elements that are available for free, so take advantage of the free version first before using the premium one.

This method is almost the same when you want to make a poster on your PC/Laptop. Just visit the canva.com website, login using the account you created on your cellphone or login using Facebook or Gmail and then the poster category, then select the available poster template for you to change as you wish.

In fact, it would be easier if you create a Canva poster via a browser, because we can easily move text or additional elements in the application.

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Creating Posters Using the PicsArt App

Graphic design using PicsArt

Who does not know the best photo editing application on this one? Yes, PicsArt. Coming first from Canva, PicsArt offers a variety of tools and features that can be used for its users. Different from other editing applications, PicsArt offers a variety of unique and interesting filters, ranging from aesthetic features, to cartoon filters, and Blur is also available.

To be honest, PicsArt itself is Mobie’s version of PhotoShop. How come? The tools offered are very sophisticated, while these tools can be used to cut photos, change backgrounds, remove and add objects, determine photo lighting, and make posters like the one you will try later.

Of course PicsArt itself can be used for free. Unfortunately, the free version itself does not provide all the features. On the other hand, if you use a premium or paid package, all the features will be unlocked and can be enjoyed and used without exception.

Here’s the Latest PicsArt Price List June 2021

Price PicsArt GOLD PREMIUM Lifetime for Android [DVD]IDR 10,000
PicsArt Price Photo Studio (Gold/Premium) Android Photo EditorIDR 15,000
Picsart gold price fullIDR 45,000
Price PicsArt GOLD Premium Pro iOS Android LegalIDR 30,000

That way, you can try the alternative PicsArt application, if you can’t rely on the Canva editing application as described. Editing a poster is not easy, so this is the function of Canva and PicsArt. There are already thousands of attractive and good templates available that you can use as references for making posters.

The final word

How easy is it not to make a poster on HP? That way, my friend can take advantage of the features of the poster editing application on a cellphone like software on a PC. We suggest, to get maximum poster editing results, or if you want something more pro, then you use the premium version so that the tools you get are maximized and effective without having to bother using software on a PC.

So, good luck and hopefully useful!

Why Can’t PicsArt Open?

If your PicsArt can’t be opened, please update it first through the Google Play Store. If it’s still an error, my friend can clear the cache and data of the apps and then login again.

Why Is There a Watermark In Canva?

Having a watermark in Canva means you are using paid elements, while your account is still premium. To open the watermark, you can upgrade to a premium account and later can also enjoy various features.

What is the Poster Size?

The following poster sizes can be used: Size A2 size: 42 cm x 59.4 cm. Size Medium A3 +: 32 cm x 48 cm. Size Medium A3: 29.7 cm x 42 cm. Size Small A4 : 21 cm x 29.7 cm.
Please adjust to your needs.

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