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How to Make a Logo Through Mobile With Applications!

In the current era, entrepreneurial activities are no longer only owned by adults, but also many young people who are starting to try entrepreneurship and make small businesses and many have been in the business world for a long time to be considered successful. One of the things that makes them successful is hard work.

Well, it’s not just hard work, branding It’s also very important! One of them with Logo. Many products are known or easily recognized just because of a simple logo, such as the three stripes logo on Adidas, the Ceklis logo on Nike, and all sorts of things.

Well, for those of you who want or have started a business, then you want to create a Product Logo / Brand so that it is easy for people to recognize but there are problems, you can’t or are confused about how to make a logo, we will tell you all how how to make a logo via mobile with an application very easily! Let’s just discuss:

Make Logo Using the Canva App

edit logo using canva
  • First, download and install the application first Canva for free on the Play Store or you can click here .
  • If so, open the Canva app, my friend. However, you are directed to create an account first in order to use Canva. But if you have, just login!
  • Furthermore, if you have logged in, you will enter the home menu. to be able to edit, you have to click add symbol as follows
How to make a logo
Create a logo using the Canva app
  • Next, my friend, choose “Logos” by scrolling to the right as shown below
Create a logo with canva
  • If so, select “Templates” like the picture below
How to make a logo easily
  • If you have clicked on the place, later my friend will be given some free templates. Well, my friend can choose what you like, or you can choose according to the theme of your business.
Make a logo online

In this example, we AndroidMobile create a logo with a cellphone theme for a cellphone selling business.

  • Furthermore, if you have chosen a template that you like, you can edit it yourself like add images, add text, add photos, add stickers that are already provided in Canva, and add anything that Canva has provided features itself. like the example below
how to make a logo
This is Canva’s original unedited template
  • Finally, if you have finished editing and designing your own logo. you can save by clicking the button “Save” or “Exports” like the picture below which has been marked in red
Results of making a logo online
this is a logo template that we have edited
  • Tara! my friend has managed to make your own logo very easily! This is an example of a Logo that we AndroidPhones made
easy way to make logo

If you want to get the most out of using slick features to support your design, you can subscribe for a cheap monthly payment. If you don’t want to subscribe and are quite comfortable with free, don’t worry, the free features provided are quite a lot and also no less slick with paid ones. Try!

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Now! If you are not interested or do not understand the method above, don’t worry! we have another way how how to make a logo on a cellphone with an application that is by using the application PicsArt!

let’s talk about it without further ado!

Create Logo Using the PicsArt App

make a logo using picsart
  • First you download and install the PicsArti application for free on the Play Store or you can click here
  • If it is installed, you are directed to login or create an account first to be able to use PicsArt. how easy it is!
  • Next, my friend will enter the home menu. Scroll down and Click “Create New” or “Pick Canvas” as follows. It’s up to you which one you want to choose, not much different. but we choose Create New.
how to make a cool logo
  • Well, my friend is free to choose which background you like, but here we ourselves choose a plain background. If you have selected, click the arrow in the upper right corner as shown below
how to make a cool logo
  • If you have, immediately click again Arrow in the upper right corner then click Edit Image like the picture below
make a cool logo easy
  • Next click Photo according to what my friend needs to later be used as a background like this
cool logos
  • Buddy can determine the level of sharpness of the background image by increasing or shifting the Opacity as shown above.
  • After that, this is what’s interesting. Buddy can add stickers by clicking “Stickers” like the picture below according to what my friend needs.
how to make a cool easy logo
  • Here we take an example of a snack food business, namely Kuaci with the Brand “Kuaci Bachelor”, Therefore we enter the keyword “hat” to be able to find a toga hat image sticker as a symbol of “Bachelor“. Buddy yourself can choose freely by entering keywords or Keywords related to your business. For example, a bag business, my friend can enter Keywords “Bag” or “bag”.
how to make a symbol

Notes: Not all stickers are free, here are some paid stickers. To be able to get paid stickers, you can subscribe to PicsArt Premium.

  • If you have, click the Sticker that you want and then you can set where the Sticker will be placed later.
  • In addition, you can add posts with your product name by selecting or clicking “Edit Text
make a symbol

In this section, you can set what font you want to use, what color you want to use, thickness, text effect, and many other features that Picsart offers.

  • If you have finished setting the text, you can choose effects or filters to make your logo look more beautiful. How to click “Effect” or “Effects” then choose as you like.
  • Finally, if you have, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner then select “Savelike the image below to save the logo creations that you have created or designed.
easy way to make logo
  • Buddy has managed to create your own logo! This is an example of a logo that we ourselves have made

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how to make a logo

Well, the method above is very easy, isn’t it?

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The final word

Maybe above is How to Make a Logo Through Mobile with Applications What we can describe, if you have another way, please let us know via the comments column below! Good luck and be creative! Good luck!

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