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How to Make a Location / Address Barcode on Google Maps Easily and Quickly!

With the development of technology, it can be said that our lives are also easier because it is helped by the sophisticated tools or devices that are created. One of them is digital maps. Well, the digital maps that we know well, one of which is Google Maps, which we usually use on our smartphones or on our laptops. Google Maps itself is a software that has helped people quite a lot in finding the location they want to go to, even more sophisticated users are also directed by Google Maps until the user actually gets to the destination they want to go to.

Today, people often enter an address in an invitation or invitation by using a Google Maps link wrapped with Barcode so that it is easier and does not take up much space. For example in wedding invitations, organizational meeting invitations, and so on.

If you get a turn to invite your colleagues to a place, whether it’s work or other needs, you automatically have to enter the location of the meeting place. Now, instead of writing a detailed address or writing a very long location link that doesn’t look elegant, don’t worry! We have a solution for you, namely by creating an Address Barcode on Google Maps!

How to? Let’s scroll down and we’ll tell you how to easily make a location barcode

How to create a Google Maps location barcode with the App

How to create a Google Maps location barcode with the App
  • First, download and install the Barcode Generator application on the Play Store or you can click here
  • If so, first open Google Maps on your cellphone and then enter the address you want to make your destination.
  • Next click “Share” or “Share” like the picture below
Vara makes a google maps location barcode
  • If you have clicked Share and enter the share menu, my friend scrolls to the side and selects share via “Barcode Generatorlike the picture below
Map location barcode
  • After clicking “Barcode Generator”, the Barcode Generator Application will immediately display the barcodes from the link address!
location barcodes

Very simple huh?

Apart from using the application, it turns out that you can also do it via the web! But in our opinion this method is not very effective because some links cannot be used as barcodes. But if you are curious or want to try why not? let’s just talk about how!

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Create a location Barcode without an app

  • First, open Google Maps on your cellphone and then look for the address you want.
  • Next, select and click the button “Share” or “Share” then a link will appear then my friend select Copy Link
  • If you have copied the link, my friend, open a new browser tab and then paste or paste the address that was copied earlier but add it .qr at the end of the link like the example image below
  • Buddy can immediately see the Barcode!

Notes: not all addresses can be displayed barcode.

This method, besides being able to do it on your cellphone, you can also do it on your laptop or PC, you know!

Now there is also an addition for those of you who don’t know how to read or scan these barcodes, you can use the default application “Scanners” on each cell phone, buddy! Because the average cellphone currently has this application.

But if your cellphone doesn’t have it, you can download a similar application through the Play Store with the name “QR & Barcode Scanner” or you can download it here

barcode scanner app

Okay, we’ll just tell you how to do it

  • First enter the application QR & Barcode Scanner which was previously downloaded, later my friend will enter a view like this
scan barcode location
  • Well, here my friend can scan the barcode directly with the camera or through the image that you have screenshot or download you know! if you want to take a barcode from the gallery, the way to do it is by selecting the icon Photo as marked in the image above then click and select your barcode image.
  • The link will be displayed immediately!
location barcodes

So easy huh?

The final word

Maybe it’s an easy and fast way to create a location barcode that we can share with all of you, but if you have another simpler and easier way, let us know in the comments below! Thanks and good luck! ?

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