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How To Make Google Voice Without An Application And Easily Download It

Buddy want to create content with Google voice but don’t know how? Relax, we will review how to easily make Google voice without an application!

Well, using Google Translate’s voice is already widely used by content creators, starting from creators on YouTube, on Tik Tok, and on other platforms.

Google Voice has two types of voices by genre, namely male voices and female voices. But what is often used is the female voice, because the female google voice sounds very soft or smooth and so pitched.

Actually making Google sounds like this isn’t difficult, what’s difficult or an obstacle is downloading the sound. why? because google translate does not provide a download link. Well my friend must use a certain technique. Then how to make Google voice without using an app? Let’s see below!

How to Make Google Voice Without Apps

  • Well, the first thing you have to do is to set up a browser on your laptop or PC. It’s up to you to use any browser like Chrome, Mozilla, or others.
Google Translate
  • Then you can choose the language you want, you can choose any language. if you want an Indonesian accent, then you have to choose Indonesian and it will be translated into Indonesian too.
  • Now if you have, here you can write the text you want to voice. If you have prepared it in the document, you can paste or paste the text you want to voice into Google translate.
Google Translate

Download Google Translate Voice Result

  • If my friend has pasted the narrative words that you want to voice. so now my friend just download it.

How to download it? The way, my friend, please right click on this Google translate page.

  • Now my friend can see here there is a pop up containing various options, my friend can select the Inspect menu (bottom option) or directly use the keyboard combination (Ctrl + Shift + I)
How to Make a Google Voice Without Using an App
  • Now after the inspect element appears, please click the menu network.
How to Make a Google Voice Without Using an App
How To Make Google Voice On Youtube Videos Without Application 2
  • Next step can click speaker / sound icon which is in the google translate translation box.
  • Then here you can find the narrator or his voice by looking at the file type that says “media”.
How to Make a Google Voice Without Using an App
  • Finally, double click it will be directed to the download page. Click the vertical 3 dots and select download ok!
  • Finished! Buddy can already listen to Google voice from the text that you have made!

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The final word

How? Pretty easy isn’t it how to make a Google voice without an app? Please try my friend by following the steps above correctly. Yup, you can now use that funny Google voice~~

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