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How to Make Bold, Strikethrough for Instagram Captions Easily

How to Make Bold, Strikethrough for Instagram Captions Easily – The development of social media Instagram, of course, the more things that can be done on the social media service. Instagram, one of the photo social media that is now also transformed into a video social media, has more and more features. But unfortunately in the caption section we can’t do many creative things such as adding bold text and other special characters. Although they don’t officially release a feature to make writing more unique, we can get around this easily! Especially if you just make a bold caption on Instagram, it’s very easy.

In contrast to WhatsApp, which is indeed given a feature to be able to make bold, italic and strikethrough writing directly applied. On Instagram you have to use a 3rd party service but here you don’t use an application but through a website with a service that can change the text as you wish. For that, you can follow the steps to make bold or strikethrough for your Instagram caption or bio.

Make Bold or Strikethrough in the Caption or Instagram Bio

It’s definitely cool to make captions with interesting writing and are equipped with bold, italic or strike marks on Instagram. All that you can do easily, here are the steps.

  • Go to the igfonts.io site, you will be under the service page to change the text as you wish to be used as a caption or Instagram bio.
  • Next is to type the text that you want in bold in the form provided.
Instagram Fonts
Instagram Fonts for captions
  • After that scroll to the bottom, you will find the results of the posts you want to change. There are many styles of writing that you can copy and paste, there are bold text, continuous writing, italic writing and even strikethrough that you can paste in your Instagram caption.
How to Make Bold or Strikethrough on Instagram
Examples of bold writing and strikethrough writing and continuous writing in Instagram captions

The image above is a screenshot of Instagram/AndroidPonselCom with Bold Writing, Strikethrough and continue in the Instagram caption. This method still works well and is very easy to use.

For those of you who want to make Instagram captions more unique with bold writing, crossing out and even underscores on Instagram, you can use the igfonts.io website service, you just write the word after that Copy and Paste it in your IG caption.

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The final word

Hopefully this How to Make Bold Writing and Cross Out on Instagram cations and Bios can make you find inspiration to make interesting captions! Hope this can be useful!

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