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How to Make Apps on Android And PC

You are certainly no stranger to android applications. Because every day you always use it for various interests and needs. Applications not only provide convenience, but also provide great opportunities to develop creativity and innovation in various sectors. Surely you do not want to be left behind in the rapid development of technology now. So that you also develop in it, it is necessary to know how to make applications on Android. The following will be discussed in full clearly through the following review. The following explanation will make it easy for you to understand clearly.

How To Make Apps On Android

how to make apps on android
how to make apps on android

There are many applications that can be used on Android. But who would have thought, the application can be made on Android itself. Or in other words, making android applications does not always use a good computer. For more details, let’s see how to make an application on Android below.

1. Determine the type of application to be made

The most important step before your application is successfully created is, the purpose and type of your android application. Because this can affect the value and the difficulty of making android applications on a PC. In addition, it also affects the advantages and disadvantages of the application. The types of android applications that can be chosen are games or conversations, graphic design, to knowledge. Of course, each of these applications has its own tool needs and difficulties.

2. Selecting software

After you think well about the type, purpose of the application and how to make an application on your android, then choose the software that you can use to support the creation of the application. Delivering it will require coding. But now there are many software that you can use for coding. Both paid and free.
There are many software that you can choose to make it easier to create Android applications on a PC or on Android itself, especially in coding. Among them are Appery.io, AppMachine, AppMark, Appy Pie, Good Barber, Mobile Roadie, SouthEm, and The App Builder.

3. Designing android apps

If you want an application with a visual editor drag and drop plugin, then you can choose Appery.io. Besides being able to use it for Android, you can also use it for iOS. Meanwhile, if you want software that can be used for various ways to create applications on Android including games, then you can choose Appery Pie.

How to make the next application, you can choose ShoutEm software. When you have successfully logged in, you can choose various types of applications to be created. You can even choose a theme and add photos as you wish. The next step, you can add application functions.

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How To Make Android Apps On PC

How To Make Android Apps On PC
How To Make Android Apps On PC

To get the best applications, you also need a capable device such as a PC. Because the PC has a large capacity and good specifications. For more details, here’s how to make the application:

1. Using Eclipse IDE

It used to be the most popular way to create Android apps on PC using the Eclipse IDE. Although now there are many types of tools that are much more sophisticated, there are still many Eclipse IDEs that use them. This is because the tool can be used for PCs with simple specifications.

The first way to use this tool is that you have to install the Java JDK. And don’t miss it, of course you also install the Android Development Tools (ADT) Eclipse. You also have to create an android virtual device. For those who are developing now, you can also choose to use android studio.

2. Without Using Coding

Learning to understand coding is difficult. Especially when you want to make an android application. Because coding is quite important in a programming. But don’t worry, because you can also find out how to make Android applications on a PC that can be better and more interesting without having to have coding skills. The main requirement when you want to create an android application in this way by drag and drop is an internet connection on your PC. Then you can connect to App Builder sites like AppGyeser and AppyPie.

This time we will learn how to create an application with AppGyeser. First you visit the official website and select create new for free. Then you can select the website, fill in the url address. If so, then click next and fill in the App name and so on. Click next and then create. The last step you have to login with email or Facebook. After logging in there will be a page to download the apk.

How to Use Android Studio

how to use android studio
how to use android studio

There are many software to make it easier to create android applications. One of them that is widely used and provides many advantages is android studio. What is android studio? How to use? Check out the following:

1. Android studio app

Android studio is one of the official tools supported by Google. Because Google wants to develop applications for android. So it’s not surprising that many companies are looking for developers who can use Android Studio. How to use this application is also fairly easy. The integrated development environment (IDE) is android studio. In addition to providing a code editor for IntelliJ and developer tools, it also has many interesting features to support the creation of Android applications on a PC. Another advantage of this application is a fast emulator, intelligent code editor and insta run.

2. Using Android Studio

For beginners, there are many things that must be considered and learned to know how to use android studio. First, you can create project structures and interfaces. The method is quite easy, namely select start a new android studio project. Then, do the steps discussed in detail so that there are no mistakes. Next, so that the display looks neat both horizontally or vertically, it is necessary to create a linear layout. Then you can continue to build a relative layout or a code structure to organize the existing components.

If you want to add an initial look to your Android application, then you can use a splash screen with basically a splash screen layout with xml code. You can also add other views such as the main menu or an existing web content view.

Other functions when you use android studio are colors.xml, drawable and strings.xml. As the name implies, colors.xml is used to edit colors. All added color codes will be saved in the colors.xml file. While strings.xml is used to set the appearance of the text in the application. If you want to add images, then you can use drawables.

Those are various ways to create Android applications on a PC or even on Android itself. There are many ways that you can choose, you just have to adjust to the needs and the type and purpose of the application to be made. Keep in mind, you also have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each software or application.

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