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How To Lock Telegram Application To Secure Account From Hackers

Talking about social media, in fact it cannot escape our daily activities. With social media, we can communicate easily and effectively. Many effective chat applications are used such as Whatsapp and Telegram. Maybe for most people, chat applications that can be locked or locked are only available on Whatsapp. In fact, a busy application (Telegram) can also apply this feature, you know! The application lock feature is certainly very much needed by users, because it can protect privacy and prevent our devices from being checked by people. How to lock the Telegram application is very easy, both from a cellphone and from a PC.

Now for those of you who want to secure the application, you can try how to easily lock the Telegram application in the discussion that we will review below. Make sure you see how to lock the Telegram application below, OK!

How to Lock Telegram Application on HP

how to lock telegram app on cellphone

Note: If your device has a fingerprint or fingerprint feature, you can use code verification by activating fingerprints as well. In addition, users can also set the “auto-lock”, where this feature allows to lock the Telegram Application within a certain time lag automatically.

That’s how to easily lock the Telegram application on your cellphone. That way, every time you want to open Telegram, you have to open your pin or fingerprint first. Well Next, we will also review how to lock the Telegram application via PC.

How to Lock Telegram App on PC

how to lock telegram app on PC

For friends, Telegram users on PC devices, you don’t have to worry about the lock or lock feature being unavailable. In fact, this feature itself can still be used even if you use the PC version of Telegram. The method is not much different from how to lock the mobile version of the Telegram application. If you are curious, please follow the steps:

  • First, friends, please run the Telegram application on your PC or Laptop
  • If you have, my friend can click the three horizontal line menu in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Then you can click Settings.
  • After entering the Settings section, continue by clicking options Privacy and Security.
  • Then, my friend, please select the option Turn on local passcode.
  • Now here, please specify the input passcode. Make sure you use a pin combined with letters and numbers so it’s not easy for people or machines to guess
  • Please click save or save if you have!
  • Then your Telegram PC has been successfully locked!

That’s how to lock the Telegram application both using a cellphone device or using a PC device. Of course, by locking the application, it will be very helpful in securing important / privacy data in it. Well besides securing it by locking the Telegram application, we will also share other tips for securing your Telegram.

Telegram Security Tips

tips for securing the Telegram app

Activate the Two Factor Authentication Feature

Our first tip to help secure your Telegram account is to activate the Two Factor Authentication feature. This feature is available directly from Telegram, so you don’t need to install additional applications. Now this feature itself functions as a double lock, in the sense that the user is secured with 2 locks when he wants to log in to Telegram.

Now to activate this feature, here are the steps:

  • First, please open Telegram, then go to “settings” > “privacy and security”.
  • After that, click the “two-step verification” option
  • Then my friend please create a password as desired. Make sure the password is strong enough, by combining numbers and letters
  • If so, you can enter your active e-mail address.
  • Next, please go to e-mail, then check the inbox (Inbox) from Telegram containing the “confirmation link”
  • Please, my friend, verify by entering the verification code containing a six-digit number.
  • Finished!

Activating the Active Sessions Feature

Another tip for securing the Telegram application is that you can use the Active Sessions feature. This feature itself allows it to help to check who is accessing your Telegram account. Now to activate it yourself is not difficult, my friend can follow the following steps:

  • First, open the Telegram application, then go to “settings” > privacy and security”
  • Then please click the option “active sessions”
  • After you enter the menu, you can see the Telegram application version, device model, OS version used, IP address, and also the location where the account is being accessed.
  • If you find a suspicious device connected to your Telegram account, you can immediately cut off access to the device. Click on the list of devices and select delete.

Avoid Scam Sites

Sometimes many smartphone users who are windless without rain suddenly get a scam message with the frills of winning hundreds of millions of prizes. Well, almost all of these messages are just scams that end up taking people’s data (phishing).

Better, don’t be fooled by things like that. If there is such a message, check whether the number is official or not. If you use a regular cellphone number, you should just ignore it. In addition, see if the event is on the official website or not, if not, then the prize message is guaranteed to be a scam. If necessary, my friend calls the number that was directed, and works back by pretending to have transferred.

Avoid Public Wifi

Actually using Public Wifi is not a problem to worry about. But there are times when we have to be careful and not arbitrarily choose it. In other words, although it is quite rare, in fact there are also public wifi that function as a medium for hackers to steal data or spy on devices.

Well, usually public wifi like that uses an unclear name. Make sure you connect to a public wifi that’s already clear!

Log out immediately if you open Telegram via a public device

The following tips are also very important for you to follow. In addition to knowing how to lock the Telegram application, you also need to pay attention to these tips. Not infrequently people often open their social media including Telegram when accessing public computers, for example computers in libraries, internet cafes, or friends’ computers. For the sake of the security of your account, we recommend that you always log out or disconnect from the public device.

Why? because we don’t know whether the device is safe or not, is being monitored or not, and so on. If it’s not too urgent, you should avoid opening social media on public devices!

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The final word

That’s an explanation of how to lock the Telegram application via a cellphone or PC device, as well as other tips for securing a Telegram account. How? it’s pretty clear isn’t it? this way, you don’t need to worry anymore because your Telegram account has been properly and effectively secured.

So, hopefully useful and good luck!

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