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How to Install Zoom Application on Laptop Easily!

Do you want to use the Zoom video conferencing application on a laptop? But my friend does not understand how to install it? Don’t worry, because we will discuss how to easily install the zoom application on a laptop or PC!

Video conferencing service applications are currently popular and are the mainstay of people to communicate remotely. Now popular video conferencing applications such as Google Meet, Skype, Google Teams, and the most popular is Zoom.

The widespread use of the zoom application is not without reason, other than because we are faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, the zoom application is also very easy, full of features, and the network is very smooth, so many users are comfortable using it.

Although at the beginning of the popularity of this application, many faced problems such as the presence of hackers who made zoombombing or other disturbances, but the Zoom developers did not stay silent and immediately fixed the problem, and made Zoom still comfortable and safe to this day.

The following are the advantages of using the Zoom application:

  1. Free
    To download it, users can freely download and install it without spending a penny.
  2. Light and Easy to Use
    With a small size, and a simple display, it allows users to immediately understand how to use it.
  3. Complete Features
    Well this is the advantage of zoom from other applications. With complete features such as being able to connect to YouTube streaming, or using filters and greenscreen backgrounds.
  4. Able to accommodate hundreds of participants
    Zoom itself can accommodate hundreds of participants that other video conferencing applications don’t have. This allows you to hold online meetings on a large scale.
  5. Smooth Connection
    The zoom application has a large server, so when the user is in a meeting, you are not disturbed because of lag.

Actually, there are still many features and advantages, you can try it yourself later.

How to Install the Zoom Application on a Laptop or PC

In order to install the Zoom application on a laptop or PC successfully, my friend, please follow the steps below:

  • First, please open your laptop buddy.
  • If so, my friend, please open the browser, it’s up to you to use chrome, or mozilla, edge or something else. Everything can.
  • Next, visit the official Zoom website to download the application. You can enter the URL here > https://zoom.us/download
how to install zoom application on pc
  • Then my friend selects and clicks the download for PC button, now please download and wait for the process to complete.
  • When it’s finished, there will be instructions for installing, my friend can immediately follow the instructions.
  • Finished! To open it, my friend can click the search tools on the bottom right side of the desktop, then enter the keyword “Zoom”
  • Now, the start page will appear as shown in the picture. You can first sign in with your friend’s account.
how to install zoom application on pc

The final word

How? It’s very easy, isn’t it, how to install the zoom application on a laptop? This method also applies if you install it on your Desktop PC, because it’s the same. So, please, friends, enjoy the cool features in the Zoom application!

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