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How to Install GCam 7.3 for All Android Phones

AndroidPonsel.com – Google Camera is a camera application strengthened by Google for its smartphone, the Pixel. When other vendors come with a large number of sensors, Google creates a special application that strengthens the camera on its device. The Google Camera application comes with powerful technology so that smartphones get the ability to produce the best photos. Apart from that this app comes with official support which results in advanced features like Astrophotography and others.

Recently Google has rolled out an update for its Google Camera App, now the app comes in version v7.3 which comes with features and improvements. The bad news is that this application is only officially available on Pixel smartphones. But you can use the application mod, because we have got a Gcam 7.3 Mod that can run on all Android phones.

What is Gcam Mod?

Before you install it you should know what is Gcam Mod? Mod Gcam is an application that aims to make the Google Camera application compatible on various Android smartphones and ensure that the features work flawlessly on those phones. There are many variants of Gcam, some are available for certain Android devices, but some are developed for various Android smartphones.

Now the developers of Mod Gcam have made the latest version of Gcam 7.3 with all its features. Here are the features in Gcam version 7.3;

  • Automatic DND mode when using video recording.
  • UI reset.
  • 24FPS video recording.
  • Exposure control to adjust the brightness and HDR of your photos.
  • Astrophotography is implemented into Night Sight.
  • Receive Frequent Faces to help you take Top Shot photos.
  • Touch and Hold the shortcut on the shutter button to take a Top Shot photo.

This Gcam 7.3 mod was made by developer parrot043, this mod has almost reached every Android smartphone. Unfortunately this Mod only works well with smartphones that already use Android 10 OS. For that, if you are still using a phone running on Android 9.0 or lower it looks like you have to wait for an OS upgrade to be able to use it.

If you want to install Gcam 7.3 Mod, you can see each step below;

  • First download first Gcam 7.3.apk
  • Select and Install (you will be prompted to enable installation of apps from external sources to be able to install them)
  • When finished open Google Camera
  • Finished

Now you can use the Google Camera application on the smartphone you are using.

This Google Camera 7.3 mod is said to be able to run with all Android phones that are already running Android 10 OS. In addition, our sources also say that the latest Google Camera MOD application can work seamlessly on HP OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, Pocophone F1, Xiaomi Mi A3, Oneplus 6, 6T, Redmi K20, K20 Pro and many more which of course already use the latest OS Android 10. (source)

If you managed to download and install it, please share in the comments what phone you used to install this latest Google Camera Mod.

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