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How to Hide Last Seen on Telegram

Last seen or last read is a feature issued by several social media, one of which is Telegram. Last Seen on Telegram itself serves as information that when was the last time that user or account accessed Telegram. This feature is indeed useful to find out whether the other person is online or not.

But on the other hand, Last Seen can also make us as users feel less comfortable. Because if there are friends or other people who chat with us, but at that time we don’t want to or can’t reply to them, of course they can see our Last Seen when they have sent a message, and we feel bad and feel that we have underestimated the message. the.

How to Hide Last Seen on Telegram?

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The final word

How? How to hide last seen is very easy, right? Please follow me guys! Now you don’t have to feel bad for friends or colleagues who send messages to Telegram but don’t have time or don’t want you to reply. Because now your Last Seen and Online can’t be seen by other users. Good luck!

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