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How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset on Xiaomi Mobiles

Doing a hard reset is useful if at any time your cellphone forgets the password pattern which results in the locked screen not being able to be opened, or other minor problems when an error occurs in the system. Hard reset is resetting the cellphone like when we just bought it, so files, applications, and others stored in the cellphone’s memory will be deleted and all clean.

Hard reset is indeed very useful in an emergency, but many people especially xiaomi users don’t know how to do a factory reset / hard reset. Calm! Here we will try to help you to do a hard reset on your xiaomi phone.

But before that, make sure the data stored in your internal memory has been backed up, buddy! Because of the risk of a hard reset, the cellphone will not choose to delete anything.

Okay, without lingering, just read to the end some ways to hard reset on a xiaomi cellphone!

How to Hard Reset on Xiaomi phones

how to hard reset xiaomi
  • The first step, please, my friend, first turn off your Xiaomi cellphone.
  • Next, enter the Xiaomi recovery menu. How to? How to press and hold Power button + Volume Up simultaneously until the Xiaomi logo appears. After that you enter Mi recovery.
  • Later a language option will appear, select “English”.
  • Then do a Hard Reset (Wipe data), please select the method Wipe data/Factory Reset, then select All Wipe Data then confirm the selection by pressing the button Yes.
  • Wait for the Hard Reset (Wipe Data) process to finish, if the process is complete, please reboot your xiaomi phone, buddy!
  • Finished! Your xiaomi phone has been successfully reset.

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In addition to the Hard Reset / Factory Reset method for the Xiaomi cellphone above, you also have a way to reset your xiaomi device very easily. Curious how? Just take a look below!

  • The first step, please, my friend, go to settings on your xiaomi cell phone. or you can click the gear icon on the menu screen
  • Then scroll down, then tap Additional Settings
hard reset xiaomi via settings menu
  • Next, please select Backup & reset.
how to reset a xiaomi cellphone through the settings menu
  • Then tap Factory reset.
how to hard reset xiaomi
  • Final reset phone to completely reset your xiaomi device.
  • Wait for it to finish, and it works! Your xiaomi phone has successfully done a hard reset!

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In addition to the two methods above, we will also share the last method that you can follow to factory reset your xiaomi phone!

How to Reset Xiaomi Via Mi Cloud

This third method seems rarely used by Xiaomi users. It could be because they are not familiar, or it could be because they find it easier to reset through the settings on the cellphone.

To be able to do a reset via Mi Cloud, you need to access the Mi Cloud site via a laptop or PC. And of course you also have to sign in using a Mi account. Therefore, you have to make sure the Mi account that you use is the same as the one you use on the cellphone that you want to hard reset.

What are the ways?

  • First, please open the browser using a laptop / PC. If so, please visit the Mi Cloud site here https://us.i.mi.com/
how to factory reset xiaomi
  • Next, please click “Sign in with Mi Account.” Type in the email or mobile number that you use on your Mi account. After that type the password, then click “Sign in.”
xiaomi factory reset
  • If you have, my friend selects “Find device” in the row of menus that exist after my friend has successfully entered the Mi Cloud page.
xiaomi phone reset
  • Then wait a few moments until the type of Xiaomi detected by Mi Cloud appears. Usually it will be displayed in the upper right corner of the Mi Cloud page.
  • Then my friend must click “Wipe device” in the row of four menus below. Because here my friend will do a hard reset.
  • Finally, a new page will appear that displays some of the data that will be deleted. If you are sure to reset your xiaomi phone, please click “Wipe.”

Then the reset process will run and the cellphone will automatically reboot after the reset process is complete. How? So easy right?

Note: To do the two methods above, namely to reset the xiaomi device, make sure your cellphone has at least 50% battery so that it doesn’t interfere with the ongoing reset process later. Make sure you have charged your cellphone first!

The final word

Hopefully the discussion on how to Hard Reset or Factory Reset Xiaomi is easy to follow! If you have another way, please share it with all of us via the comments column below. Okay thanks and good luck! ?

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