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How to Get Vigilante FF Bundle For Free

For gamers who want to get the Vigilante FF bundle for free, make sure you keep reading this article until it’s finished. The reason is, in the continuation of the article below, I will mention how to get the Vigilante FF bundle.

As a FF gamer, achieving booyah is one of the main targets. Because, every time you reach a booyah, your level will also increase and the excitement in the FF game gets bigger. But it feels less afdhol to get booyah but the appearance of the character you play is that’s all, isn’t it?

Well, if you can get the Vigilante FF bundle for free, of course the appearance of the character you play will be even cooler. Moreover, you can get everything for free without having to spend any diamonds.

What is Vigilante FF Bun Bundle

bundle Vigilante FF

Bundle Vigilante is a costume with a robat-like appearance. No wonder so many gamers like it. With this bundle, the appearance of the character you are playing will look very cool.

To get budles or premium items in the Free Fire game, you need a lot of diamonds. That’s why many people can’t have it, only people who have an excess budget can get it.

But don’t despair, because now you can get it for free without having to pay any money. You just need to download it via the link that I will share.

Don’t worry, the Vigilante FF bundle file size is small, doesn’t require a lot of quota and doesn’t take much time to download.

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Vigilante FF Bundle Download Link & How To Get It

If you can’t wait to download the Vigilante FF bundle and get it for free, just follow the steps I’ll mention below:

  • First download the Config Bundle Vigilante FF via this link or you can also Google it because there are many who have shared it.
  • Download the Zarchiver app. To get it, my friend can download it through the App Store or Play Store.
  • After Zarchiver is installed on your smartphone, try to open the application, then go to the folder where you saved the Config Bundle application that was downloaded earlier.
  • Extract the Config Bundle.
  • If prompted for a password, just write: 2.
  • Once extracted, you will see a folder called com.dts.freefireth. Well, copy the folder to Android > Data.
  • Open the Free Fire game that you have installed on your smartphone.
  • It worked, now my friend has got the Vigilante Bundle for free.

Is the Vigilante FF Bundle Safe?

The question above is important to know the answer to before you start downloading the file. You need to remember, that the safest step to take is to buy the bundle offered using diamonds as they should. As for the ways of cheating like this is not a safe thing.

Therefore, I personally do not advise gamers to do it. Because, the risk that must be borne is quite large. Your FF account may be permanently banned and forced to create a new account.

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