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How to Get Rid of Annoying Ads, Pop Ups, and Malware on HP!

Are you currently having problems with ads appearing on your cellphone? and it feels very disturbing buddy? Don’t worry, this article will discuss how to get rid of pop-up ads and malware on Android phones.

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Mobile phones have indeed become items that can be said to be mandatory for people to meet their needs in work and daily life. The applications available on the mobile phone itself help the user in meeting his needs. In addition to the application, users can also access the internet through the browser installed on the cellphone.

Well, sometimes there are problems with the number of advertisements or pop ups that appear on cellphones, even the advertisements are unsightly and unethical. Usually these ads appear because you download an application that is infiltrated by malware, or access a site from a browser that is actually a malware site or an obscure site. The problems that are often encountered are like this

  • Pop-up ads and new tabs that can’t be closed
  • Chrome’s homepage or search engine keeps changing without your permission.
  • Unwanted Chrome extensions or toolbars keep showing up
  • Browsing is hijacked and redirected to unknown pages or ads
  • Warning about virus or infected device

Now this can really interfere with activities in using your own cellphone.

How to Remove Ads, Pop Ups & Malware on HP

But don’t worry, we will give you tips and tricks to get rid of annoying ads on your cellphone. here’s how:

Using the AdBlock App

How to get rid of ads on android phone

Yes, one of the best ways to get rid of annoying ads, pop ups, and malware is to use the AdBlock application. This androidphone application is highly recommended for friends to use if you are experiencing ad problems that often appear.

This adblock application is able to ward off incoming ads, hide malware activity, hold pop ups that want to appear on your cellphone screen, and more. You can download this application with 10 million downloads via the Google Play Store for free or simply click directly here!

Please, friends, try using it, using it is very easy and not complicated because it looks simple!

Set Up From Google Chrome

How to get rid of ads on android phone

Now if the ad appears because you enter an obscure site via chrome, you can follow the steps below, namely:

  • First, you can open the Google Chrome application.
  • You can select the 3 dot menu icon in the upper right corner.
  • So here, my friend, please select the menu “Settings
  • Then you can look for the option “Site Settings” and click option ‘Pop-ups and redirects‘.
  • Here you can choose toggle so it looks gray.
  • And yup, ads pop-up will be blocked automatically.

Another way, you can also block ads pop-up on the site directly, here’s how:

  • You can choose the option “ads which can be found under the “Pop-ups and redirects
  • Here you can click toggle until the color turns gray
  • The ad was successfully blocked or blocked.

Now to remove notifications from certain sites that you don’t want, you can immediately follow this method

  • Here you can find the option “Notifications” in the menu “Site Settings
  • You can click or toggle until it turns gray
  • Ads will be blocked so they don’t appear on the screen!

Enabling Application Security Scan On Mobile

How to Remove Ads, Pop Ups

This method can protect your cellphone from problematic applications, so for the method, you can follow the steps below:

Activate Play Protect,

  • First, my friend, please open the Google Play Store application on your cellphone.
  • Then my friend can click the three line menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You can choose Play Protect.
  • Well, here, please, my friend, activate it Scan or scan for security threats on mobile.
  • Here we also recommend friends to use the application Malwarebytes, because this application can also block incoming malware so that your cellphone becomes more secure.

Activating the Built-in Security Features on Mobile

The last way from us that you can try to block or block malware, ads, and pop ups, is to activate the security features that are already on your cellphone. On average, the latest cellphones already have their own security features, both security that can be activated or deactivated, as well as security that automatically turns on continuously.

So if you want to activate it, you can easily follow the steps below:

  • First, my friend can enter the settings menu or Settings the one on your cell phone.
  • Please, my friend, go to”Security Settings” which exist in “Arrangement
  • Here you can choose “do not allow the installation of applications from unknown sources
  • Please, my friend, activate the mode.
  • Finished! Your cellphone will be safe from unknown applications that have the potential to carry malware.

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The final word

How? It’s easy enough, isn’t it, how to get rid of Pop Up ads and annoying malware on Android phones? Please, my friend, follow the steps above correctly.

If there are friends or relatives who need it, you can share this article to help overcome the ads that appear on your cellphone.

Good luck!

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