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How to get Primogem in the Windbrew Genshin Impact Game

If you are a new gamer to the Genshin Impact game, there are various terms that you should know! One of them is the Primogem in the game. For that we will try to review it for you.

Primogem itself is money that is usually used in windbrew genshin impact. This primogem can be used for wish or gacha in the game. Gamers need to know that there are many ways to get primogems or important items in this game. To find out how, let’s see the following explanation.

Check out this Get Primogem on Windbrew Genshin Impact

Buddy gamers will find a login reward menu, in which there are 7 prizes that can be obtained if you log in every day of the week. If you log in for 3 consecutive days, you will get a prize of 100 primogems. If you log in for 7 consecutive days then you gamers can get as much as 200 primogems. This means that if you log in for a week, you will get a prize of 300 primogems.

In addition to logging in, gamers can also get primogen through event rewards. Every reward event held windbrew genshin impact it is different for each event.

Now my friend can get 20 promogems for free just by testing the ability of this game’s newest character. To get the promogem, just play the new character and complete a dungeon, so you can get the prize right away.

  • Rewards from adventure level

If the adventure level that you play increases or increases, usually you get a gift from each adventure level. All you can do is talk to Katheryne, the adventure guild receptionist. Then you will be able to take rewards from the adventure levels that you have completed. Please also note that each level will get a different primogem reward.

There are many types of quests in this one game, generally the reward for each quest that is completed is a primogem or other interesting item. For example the commission quest which changes every day. If you successfully complete a quest, you will get a prize of 10 primogems.

These treasure boxes are usually scattered in many places in this game. One of the interesting things in windbrew genshin impact is finding this treasure chest. The number of primogems that can be obtained also depends on the type of chest found. The better the chest, of course, the more primogem prizes will be in it.

This teleport is usually in several places that can be seen on the world map. It can serve as a tool to move quickly from one place to another. If you activate this teleport, you will get 50 primogems for each teleport.

  • Activate the seven statue

Besides being able to teleport, gamers friends can also get promogems by making offerings to the seven statues. You can increase the level of status using anemocolus which is widely spread in several places. Each level will get as many as 10 primogems.

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There are many dungeons that can be played after reaching a certain adventure level. When you successfully complete the first dungeon you will get 40 primogems. Gamers need to know that the promogem prize is only obtained when you first complete the dungeon.

That’s the information or the most appropriate way to get primogem in the game windbrew genshin impact that gamers can try. You can also share the various ways above with friends who really like this one game.

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