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How to Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts Easily!

Realme smartphones currently have users spread in almost parts of the world. Although Realme is the newest product compared to its competitors such as xiaomi or vivo or others. Realme is able to compete with other smartphones with the sophistication and features offered in each version of the Realme smartphone. In addition, the company also provides a wide selection of themes and fonts that users can get either paid or free, and in this discussion we will try to share how to change paid realme themes to free.

Just like other Chinna product android smartphones, Realme has a custom theme or theme that users can change according to the available themes. The themes in the Theme Store are varied and unique, which is what attracts users. Unfortunately, not all themes in the Realme theme store are free, most of them are paid. So users have to buy at a specified price to be able to access and apply the theme. Don’t worry, here we will provide a way to change or get paid Realme themes and fonts for free.

Method Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts

Before that, my friend needs to know that this method is an illegal way. We are not responsible if your device is affected by a virus attack, or other things. So we still recommend you to buy the Realme theme, because the price is quite cheap, around 15 thousand. But if you still insist on getting it for free, then here’s how to get a free Realme theme:

  • First, please, my friend, open your realme cellphone then go to Settings or Settings.
  • Then Go to “System Application”, and select “Theme Stores”. Then you can clear the cache.
How to Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts
  • Then you can go to “Application Management” and select “Theme Store”. Here you can choose “Memory Usage” then “Clear cache and data”, then you can clear the cache from the theme store.
free realme theme
  • If so, you can download or download the iMod Pro application. Well this app is not available on play store. to download it, my friend can search on google with the keyword “Download iMod Pro”. Don’t worry, there are a lot of these applications scattered around. If you are still having trouble finding it, you can visit and download our recommended iMod web (https://www.cararoot.com/download/imod-pro/)
  • Install the iMod application, and open the iMod. Now on the iMod application, you can find and delete the folder named “ColorOS”. Remember, it must be deleted so that later the iMod can work.
How to Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts

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  • If it is already. You can go to the Realme Theme Store, then allow all the permissions that appear later.
  • Exit the iMod application first, and you can go to the Theme Store. Well, here you can find and select a paid theme that you want to apply on your cellphone.
  • and please, my friend can click the “Trial” or “Trial” button on the theme that you have chosen.
How to Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts
  • If so, return to the iMod app, and click the three-line icon in the upper-left corner.
  • Next, please, my friend, select “Themestore Patches”. Later a paid theme will appear that you have chosen and tested. You can click on the Theme.
How to Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts
  • Later a pop up will appear, my friend can choose “SWAP UID – Theme”. Here, my friend, please enter this code (76DDF25CA43141F380B9D73BC618E10F). Buddy write without brackets “( )” yes.
How to Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts
  • Then click the button Start SWAP.
How to Get Free Realme Themes and Fonts
  • Please, my friend, go to the Theme Store again, and in the search bar, my friend, search for or write the theme “Starry”. And make sure you download and apply / apply on your cellphone.
  • Yup it works, automatically theme Starry it will be customized into the paid theme that you selected earlier.

How? Hmm quite a lot of steps huh? Yes, the name is also free hehe?

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The final word

Yup, please, my friend, follow the method or steps above to get the free Realme theme. Make sure to follow it properly. But if you still don’t understand the explanation here, you can also see the tutorial on YouTube, because there are so many videos that discuss it.

Ok, good luck and good luck! ?

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