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How to Get Free JOOX VIP Easily!

JOOX users? But annoyed that you can’t play all the songs because you don’t subscribe or become a VIP? Don’t worry, we will review how to easily get JOOX VIP for free!

JOOX is one of the platforms Streaming greatest music in the world. This Spotify competitor also provides many songs that users can play. JOOX itself has many features such as karaoke and lyrics features which make many users enjoy JOOX.

However, to enjoy some features, users must upgrade or subscribe to become JOOX VIP. Now this is sometimes a problem for free friends aka you don’t want to pay hahaha. Okay without lingering, we will discuss how

Method Get JOOX Free VIP

With Get JOOX Coins To Exchange to VIP

How to Get Joox VIP Free

To get JOOX Coins easily and exchange them for VIP membership, here’s how you can do it. However, VIP here is temporary or not permanent. Now one coin is worth VIP status for one hour, even cooler, my friend can get free coins every day.

Here’s how:

  • First, open the JOOX application on your smartphone. If it hasn’t been updated, make sure you update your JOOX immediately.
  • then click on your profile photo in the top left corner.
  • Next, please, my friend, select “Tasks and Rewards”
How to Get Joox VIP Free
  • Here there are missions or tasks that you can follow to get coins. Actually, when you login, you also get 1 coin.
How to Get Joox VIP Free
  • So, please, my friend, follow the task or mission, such as singing or karaoke, sharing or sharing karaoke, and so on.
  • If you have carried out the mission or task, please go back to the JOOX home page, then click the VIP Badge icon. Here you can exchange or redeem your coin with a temporary VIP.
How to Get Joox VIP Free
  • Yup, Joox buddy managed to become a VIP.
How to Get Joox VIP Free
  • To be sure, you can check your profile. later a gold VIP badge will appear.
  • Please, friends, enjoy the free VIP features!

Note: if the account has not received the VIP badge for 10 minutes, my friend, please restart your cellphone, and log back into JOOX.

How? It’s easy enough to get a free VIP right?

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Using the JOOX App VIP Mod Apk

This method is a way to get a JOOX VIP account by using the JOOX VIP modified application for free Apk. But before you use it, you need to know the risks and drawbacks that can occur if you use the Mod application, such as:

  • Potentially infiltrated by a virus
  • Potentially infiltrated by Spy
  • Accounts that were banned because they were detected by JOOX
  • Features Not the same as JOOX original or original (not updated)

Well, if you already understand, here’s how to get JOOX VIP with the Modified JOOX Application

  • First, please, friends, delete the original JOOX installed on your device.
  • Next please buddy Download and install Joox Free VIP Mod Apk that has been modified on link the following. (Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cvlyll68ymk8z3w/J00x_v5.4.6_Mod.apk/file )
JOOX VIP free Apk
  • If it is already installed, please run the JOOX Mod application, then login old friend’s account or you can also create a new account.
  • Yup! Enjoy JOOX VIP and its cool features!

Notes: If you create or use a new account, later you will get the VIP & K-Plus features for 1 month. However, the alias is not defined forever, because later this JOOX mod will automatically extend the VIP.

How? Easy isn’t it?

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The final word

Please, friends, follow the method above to get JOOX VIP for free, make sure you follow the steps correctly. Good luck and Enjoy JOOX VIP! ?

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