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How to Get Free Canva Pro With Canva For Students!

AirMod Friends! already know for sure with an application that allows anyone to design? none other than Canva.

Did you know that Canva provides free Canva Pro access for its users who are students or students? If you don’t know, you must try How to Get Canva Pro for Free!

For those who do not know the Canva application, this is a graphic design application that accommodates design needs both for social media and other creative materials online, even ordinary people who do not understand design will find it very easy to use.

Maybe most people who struggle with the world of graphic design every day or even ordinary people certainly know a little or a lot about the Canva application.

This very complex design application is able to help everyone make it possible to design well and nicely, you know! Because this application is very complete with the tools offered, you just need to add your creativity or ideas!

With its complete tools and features, it allows this application to be increasingly popular even though it is often debated by designers because it is a strong competition.

Now with the Canva application, it allows you to create such as Banners, Pamphlets, Banners, Logos, Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, even CVs (Curiculum Vitae), and many others. Very cool and complete right?

But, for the full version of Canva itself, you are required to subscribe every month, the subscription fee is arguably not expensive, but maybe some of you are still reluctant to spend money to pay the subscription fee. Even though the benefits of subscribing are many.

Is There a Way to Get Canva Pro for Free?

The good news is, there is! Canva Pro Free access is not an illegal or cheat method or also a Mod version, Canva pro free access itself is launched directly by the developer for users who are still students.

Well, of course, this is a lucrative and rare opportunity, isn’t it?

Is there really a Way to Get Canva Pro for Free?

Of course it’s true, this isn’t just a cheap rumor!

To prove it, my friend can follow the method below which we will explain, please refer to it and follow the steps correctly!

  • First, please open your PC or cellphone, then please open the browser. For convenience, you can use the Chrome browser.
  • If you have opened a browser, then you can register on Github Education. Link to register for Github Education > http://education.github.com
  • If you have entered the page view, the next step is to find the button “Get Benefits” on the top right corner.
Canva Pro
  • Then you can click Get Benefits.
  • Next you will be directed to the login page, please login AirMod friends first. Oh yes, surely most of my friends don’t have an account yet. But don’t worry, my friend can create an account first by selecting “Create Account”, and you can use the student’s email address on campus, buddy!
Canva Pro
  • Later, verification and notification will be entered from Github education, please check the email that was registered earlier. Then my friend, please verify your email account.
  • Yup, when you click verify, you will be automatically directed to your github dashboard.
  • Immediately, please click the “Get Benefits” button. And you can scroll down or scroll down and find Individuals.
  • Well here there is information on the choice between Students and Teachers. Since you are still a student, please click the blue button “Get Student Benefits” yes!
  • Yup! If all the steps or methods have been carried out by AirMod friends, then your profile display is already listed with your name, and the name of your university. But if it’s not there, it doesn’t matter, my friend can input it yourself!
  • Now the last step, my friend, please upload the academic status of your university to make sure that you are an active student. Oh yes, later there will be information that you have to fill in, please fill it out!
  • Succeed! Your email is already registered to Canva Pro or Premium.

Now to make sure your account has been registered as Canva Pro or Premium, please open Canva and login using your google account that was previously registered to github education. Did it work? Yup, now my friend can be creative with Canva Pro. You can enjoy freely and without limits on the tools provided by Canva.

Does This Have a Validity Period?

Of course there is! Oh yes, you need to know that the active period of the Canva Pro Free access account can be up to 3 months. 3 months is not a little time is it? You can develop your creative ideas in Canva!

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The final word

How? easy isn’t it How to get free Canva pro for Students? Please, my friend, follow the steps to make it work!
good luck and happy creating!

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